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Yangsi Rinpoche, Geshe Lharampa
President, Professor of Buddhist Studies

Yangsi Rinpoche was recognized as the reincarnation of Geshe Ngawang Gendun, a renowned scholar and practitioner from Western Tibet, at the age of six (see archival video of his enthronement here). Rinpoche trained in the traditional monastic system for over twenty-five years, and in 1995 graduated with the highest degree of Geshe Lharampa from Sera Je Monastery in South India. He then completed his studies at Gyume Tantric College, and, in 1998, having the particular wish to benefit Western students of the Buddhadharma, Rinpoche came to the West to teach and travel extensively throughout America and Europe. Rinpoche was a resident teacher at Deer Park Buddhist Center in Madison, Wisconsin for five years, and is currently the Spiritual Director of Ganden Shedrup Ling Buddhist Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Spiritual Director of Dharma Friendship Foundation in Seattle, Washington. Rinpoche is the author of Practicing the Path: A Commentary on the Lamrim Chenmo, published in 2003 by Wisdom Publications. Rinpoche teaches in English, and is admired wherever he travels for his unique presentation of the Dharma, his interest in and enthusiasm for Western culture, and his evident embodiment of the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist path.  >more including photo galleries and videos

Namdrol Miranda Adams

Namdrol Miranda Adams holds an MA in Education with a focus on Educational Leadership and Policy from Portland State University, and a BA in English Literature from New York University. Since 1998 she has dedicated her life to the study and practice of the Tibetan language and the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She studied the traditional texts and their commentaries at Deer Park Monastery in Wisconsin from 1998-2003, and has taken continuous courses and teachings in centers and with teachers in Europe, America, and Asia for the past 17 years. Namdrol has worked extensively with the texts of the tradition as an editor and translator; her published works include Wisdom Publication’s Practicing the Path: A Commentary on the Lamrim Chenmo (editor), the Rubin Foundation’s Treasury of Lives (translator, editor), Karmapa 900 (editor), the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive’s Kopan Lam Rim Courses, and more. Namdrol has completed the major retreats on the sutra and tantra traditions of the lineage, and was ordained as a nun for 7 years. She has worked as the assistant of Yangsi Rinpoche since 1999, and is one of the founding members of Maitripa College and serves as Dean of Education. Her graduate work focused on contemplative education, service learning curriculums, and building sustainable and socially responsible institutions of higher education. >more

Leigh Miller, PhD

Leigh Miller completed a PhD from Emory University with the dissertation Contemporary Tibetan Art and Cultural Sustainability, based on research conducted with artists in Lhasa over a ten year period, including a year and a half of ethnographic field work in Tibet as a Fulbright scholar.  Leigh has been a curator of contemporary Tibetan art and writes catalog essays for international exhibitions. She has presented at the conferences of the American Academy of Religion, the International Association of Tibetan Studies, the International Association of Buddhist Studies, and the American Anthropological Association. She enjoys an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, fostering students’ connections across their curricula, in society, and their own lives. Leigh previously worked for Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc. in Atlanta, and is currently the Director of Academic and Public Programs at Maitripa College, where she continues to study and practice BuddhaDharma. >more

Dan Rubin, PsyD

Dr. Dan Rubin is a clinical psychologist and has been a student of the dharma since 1996. Dr. Rubin received his PsyD from the California School of Professional Psychology and wrote his doctoral project on “The Contribution of Mindfulness to the Clinical Utilization of Countertransference.” He is a clinician in private practice with a focus on mindfulness-based interventions such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and contemplative psychotherapy. Dr. Rubin’s areas of interest include Buddhist psychology, creativity, psychology of religion, and treatments for chronic illness, pain, depression, anxiety, relational distress, grief, and trauma. He also facilitates consultation groups for health care professionals that focus on communication, self-care, and contemplative skills. >more

LaShelle Lowe-Chardé

LaShelle began Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training with Marshall Rosenberg, and was certified as a NVC trainer in 2006. Compassionate Communication offers a deep and broad yet simple understanding of human nature along with a concrete set of tools to help us act and live from a place of clarity and compassion. For LaShelle, Compassionate Communication is the hands and feet of spirituality.  She has also completed training in Hakomi – Body Centered Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. In her private counseling practice, LaShelle has worked with couples and individuals, with a focus on relating compassionately with oneself and others. LaShelle has led leadership and teamwork trainings for businesses, organizations and spiritual communities. >more

Roger Jackson, PhD (Fall 2016, Spring & Fall 2017)

Roger is the John W. Nason Professor of Asian Studies and Religion at Carlton College. His special interests include Indian and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and ritual; Buddhist religious poetry; religion and society in Sri Lanka; the study of mysticism; and contemporary Buddhist thought. >more

Jan Willis, PhD (Fall 2017)

Dr. Jan Willis is professor emerita of religion at Wesleyan University, where she taught courses in Buddhist religion and philosophy since 1977. Jan Willis is one of the earliest American scholar-practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, having studied Buddhism with Tibetan teachers for more than forty years, including as one of the first western students of Lama Thubten Yeshe. She discovered dharma as a path to healing the trauma of racism growing up in the segregated south, and has forged paths for the integration of Buddhism and social and political justice. >more

David V. Fiordalis, PhD (Fall 2016)

David V. Fiordalis, PhD, is Associate Professor and Chair of the Religious Studies faculty of Linfield College, and a scholar of the religions and cultures of South Asia and the Himalaya, particularly Sanskrit, Pali, and Tibetan Buddhist literature. David completed his PhD at The University of Michigan under Professor Luis O. Gómez with the dissertation, “Miracles and Superhuman Powers in South Asian Buddhist Literature” in 2008. He also holds an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago Divinity School, and a BA in Asian Studies from Carleton College. He has recently guest edited and published in the Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies. Maitripa College is honored to welcome David as an adjunct professor in Fall 2016, when he will offer students an in-depth study of the evolution of Buddhist thought in The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet (HIS301). >more

Khangser Rinpoche (Spring 2016)

Khangser Rinpoche is a fully-trained teacher, reincarnate lama, & scholar from Sera Je Monastery. He was born in 1975, and in 1980, he was recognized as the 8th reincarnation of Khangser Rinpoche. Khangser Rinpoche presently serves as a spiritual teacher at Sera Je. He teaches Buddhist philosophy to several hundred fully ordained monks and novices there. He also teaches Buddhism according to Nyingma and Kagyu traditions at several Nyingma and Kagyu monasteries in Dharamsala, India, and Nepal. In addition, Khangser Rinpoche delivers public teachings on Tibetan Buddhism to diverse audiences from India, Nepal, Vietnam, China, Korea, Tibet, and the West. His audiences congregate at various universities, public agencies, Buddhist centers, and Tibetan Settlements in India and Nepal. >more

Kathleen McLaughlin, PhD (Spring 2016)

Maitripa College is honored to welcome Kathleen McLaughlin as a visiting professor for spring 2016. Kathleen will teach “Mapping the Course of Western Spirituality: Comparative Religious Traditions in Theology and Practice”, which is open to degree program and continuing education students, alike. Kathleen holds a Master of Theological Studies (MTS) from Harvard Divinity School (1969) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Comparative Religions, from the California Institute of Integral Studies (1977). She also obtained the Master of Social Work (MSW) at Portland State University in 1990. >more

Michael Dwyer (Spring 2016)

Michael Dwyer of Dwyer Mediation & Law, specializes in resolving disputes in the areas of family and divorce, children, elder law, probate and the workplace. Michael has been honored as the 2015 Lawyer of the Year for his work mediating family disputes in Portland. He has been listed for many years in Best Lawyers of America and Oregon Super Lawyers for mediation. Mr. Dwyer was the 2008-09 President of the Multnomah Bar Association. He has given numerous workshops and presentations on conflict resolution. He has been practicing meditation since 2001 in the lineage of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. >more


Jose Cabezon, PhD
Pamela Cayton
Lhundub Damchö, PhD
Alberto Fournier, PhD
Maria A. Garcia
Lynn B. Ogden
Nicolas Ribush, MD
Scott South
Kesang B. Tuladhar, Geshe Lharampa (Yangsi Rinpoche)
Mark Waller


His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
His Holiness the Sakya Trizin
Jangtse Choje Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche (now His Holiness Ganden Tri Rinpoche, the 104th Ganden Tripa)
Geshe Lhundub Sopa
Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Gyume Khensur Rinpoche
Jhado Rinpoche
Geshe Tashi Tsering
Geshe Tenzin Dorje
Khangser Rinpoche

Ven. Thubten Chodron
Ven. George Churinoff
Ven. Robina Courtin
Ven. Lhundub Damchö, PhD
Ven. Roger Kunsang
Ven. Gyalten Mindrol
Ven. Madawala Seelawimala Mahathera (Bhante Seelawimala)
Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell

Geoff Barstow, PhD
James Blumenthal, PhD (1967-2014)
Marcus Borg, PhD (1942-2015)
Jose Cabezon, PhD
John Karuna Cayton
Merry Colony
Michael Dwyer
William Edelglass, PhD
David V. Fiordalis, PhD
Jeffrey Hopkins, PhD
Roger Jackson, PhD
Carl Jensen, MDiv
Anne Klein, PhD
Jonathan Landaw
Kakumyo Lowe-Chardé
LaShelle Lowe-Chardé
William (Bill) Magee, PhD
John Makransky, PhD
Kathleen McLaughlin, PhD
Craig Preston
Karma Phuntsok
Robert Thurman, PhD
Guatam Vajracharya, PhD
Steven Vannoy, PhD
Jan Willis, PhD


Yangsi Rinpoche, Geshe Lharampa
President, Professor of Buddhist Studies

Namdrol Miranda Adams
Dean of Education, Assistant to Yangsi Rinpoche

Leigh Miller, PhD
Director of Programs

Tiffany Patrella Blumenthal
Director of Student Services

Alfredo Piñeiro
Director of Technical Services

Jacob Sky Lindsley
Assessment Coordinator and Registrar

Sunitha Bhaskaran

Linda Brown

Amanda Russell
Environmental Coordinator

Beth Arntz
Volunteer Facilitator

Louise Light
Webmaster, Design Director

Kalleen Mortensen
Library Director


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Ven. Wangmo Gyaltsen
Anita Bermont
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