The seeds planted in Maitripa College programs bear fruit as our students and graduates take what they have learned here into the world to benefit others. The Maitripa College family is proud of our students and alumni and invites you to join us in offering our wholehearted rejoicing in their accomplishments!

Cheering on New and Current Endeavors!

  • Scott McEachern (MDiv 2022) is starting Clinical Pastoral Education residency at Portland Providence Medical Center, September 2022.
  • Michael Ium (MA 2014) won the International Dissertation Research Grant from the American Academy of Religion in support of his research in Nepal and India on the early history of Tibet’s Ganden Monastery. He is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Religion at the University of California, Santa Barbara, completing his dissertation.
  • Jacob Lindsley (MA 2016) is a student in the PhD program at the School of Psychological Science in Applied Cognition at Oregon State University.

Other recent alum and current degree candidates are in the process of applying for doctoral programs in Buddhist Studies and clinical education programs in spiritual care. May their merit, wisdom, and compassion result in the accomplishment of their every virtuous aspiration! When they do, we will share the news here, so stay tuned!

Rejoice for Accomplishments!

  • Sam Go, MDiv candidate, completed a month-long retreat in Lhadakh, India, in October, 2022.
  • Dorjee Gurung Gyaltsen and Andrew Hughes presented “Two accounts of advice from Than-dong Gye-bo to two lay women,” original translations from the Mkha’ ’gro’i chos mdzod chen mo, Vol. 52, pp. 158-161, originally from Thang rgyal rnam thar, at the Lotsawa Translation Workshop, October 2022.
  • Several advanced standing MDiv students have recently completed one unit each of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Congratulations to:
    • Sonia Arion and Vicki McArdle, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, summer 2022;
    • Scott McEachern, VA Medical Center, summer 2021;
    • Mark Weidenaar, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, summer 2020;
    • Jane Robson, VA Medical Center, summer 2020.
  • Kate Brassington (MDiv 2021) graduated from a Clinical Pastoral Education year-long residency at Legacy Emanuel Medica Center in September 2022. She has accepted a job as Bereavement Program Coordinator for Cascade Hospice in Eugene, Oregon, starting in October 2022.
  • Jane Robson (MDiv 2021) graduated from Clinical Pastoral Education residency at the University of California San Francisco Hospital in September 2022, and has accepted a position as a hospice chaplain at Montage Health Foundation in Monterey, California, starting in October 2022.
  • Jyoshin Clay (MDiv 2020) began part-time chaplaincy employment at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in fall 2022. She previously completed Clinical Pastoral Education residency and was employed as a chaplain at Portland Providence Medical Center. As a transmitted priest in the Soto Zen tradition, she also teaches dharma at Dharma Rain Zen Center and Wy’East Zen.
  • Jason Seaman (MDiv 2019) completed a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) residency at Community Medical Center in Fresno, California.
  • Mark Weidenaar (MDiv 2021) graduated from Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) residency at Providence Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, Washington, and accepted a job as Associate Chaplain at Legacy Salmon Creek, WA in 2021.
  • Michael Jolliffe (MA 2009) completed his Master of Science in Marital, Couples, and Family Counseling from Portland State University and is now working as a professional therapist, in addition to teaching modules of Discovering Buddhism for the Maitripa College community.
  • Carl Jensen (MDiv 2015) became a Board Certified Chaplain in 2018 and is currently the director of the Spiritual Care Department at Portland Providence Medical Center, and a clinical partner for the Clinical Pastoral Education program.
  • Julie Dreyer (MDIV 2018) became a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) in December, 2019, and continues to work as a professional chaplain at Providence Portland Medical Center, with specialization in behavioral health. She also became an FPMT Discovering Buddhism teacher.
  • Karl Schmid (MA 2011) completed his PhD at Emory University in Spring of 2020. Karl accepted a position as Professor of Practice in the Philosophy Department at Tulane University.
  • Jane Sellers (MA 2009) finished building a home for long term retreat in Crestone, Colorado. The blessing of the land puja was completed by Yangsi Rinpoche, Geshe Sherab, and FPMT friends.

Special in-depth Stories of Students’ Experience at Maitripa College

What Our Students Say (quotes from recent years)

My decision to come to Maitripa has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Maitripa has opened the door to a wealth of wisdom and caring for which I will always be grateful.

Maitripa College can meet you where you are, whether you are very new to Buddhist practice, or you have a long-established practice. You will still find deep learning and a genuine community here! Please consider coming to Maitripa!

The people at Maitripa are the kindest people I have met anywhere. Their kindness is based in Buddhist philosophy, service and practice. Which does not necessarily mean that people don’t also go deep in their learning and in the tackling of real life topics. We do-both!

Maitripa provides a type of education you won’t easily find elsewhere; first, the student is led to explore the inner world rather than the outer world, you really come to know yourself at Maitripa and this helps in interpreting just what’s going on around you. Second, the approach to teaching is similar to that the Buddha used – topics and issues are pointed out and you are shown how and encouraged to explore them – there’s no didactic teaching at Maitripa.  And third, the student body is unique in providing a non-competitive, safe and supportive environment for personal learning; I am quickly making some lovely and close friends at Maitripa.

When I first came to Maitripa, there was a lot of uncertainty in my life, and I wasn’t sure whether I could make it work to do the program.  At the end of my first day of classes, I remember reflecting on what I had learned and experienced that day, and I remember thinking that if it didn’t work out for me to continue the program, I was still so very grateful to have had that one day.  That one incredible day at Maitripa changed my life.  Two years later, still in the program, I still feel that way.  Every day at Maitripa changes my life.  And I am so grateful to everyone who makes it happen, offering this rare and precious gift to those of us lucky enough to have found it.

Maitripa has taught me that deep happiness comes from serving others. It has also taught me that it is possible to have a deep sense of calm and wisdom even amidst intense suffering, and that anything can be used for the path to enlightenment.

I’m really grateful for the relationships with my classmates. It’s wonderful to get excited about something and have people to share it with.

The ultimate gift to myself and others. It’s difficult to express the internal change I’ve experienced, which has happened in so many ways. To have the teachers, the curriculum, and the peers to develop my raw and unrefined qualities and potential is truly a gift.