Jill Goldsmith, Esquire is the owner of Workplace Solutions NW, a firm offering neutral services to organizations in conflict.  Jill offers neutral fact finding, facilitation, mediation and coaching as part of her services.  Jill’s work is focused on helping people in organizations work through conflict in a healthy, respectful and productive way.  Jill has practiced labor and employment law since 1991 and has been a mediator since 1996, focusing on the employment context. 

Jill is a Trained Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher in the program developed by Christopher Germer, PhD and Kristin Neff, PhD with a graduate certificate from UC San Diego’s Center for Mindfulness and is also a certified teacher of Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) program.  Jill serves on the Board of Mindful Medicine, a non-profit whose mission is to enhance coping skills, resiliency, empathy and compassion while reducing and preventing burnout in health care professionals.  Jill also served on the Board of NWEEO, a non-profit whose mission was to provide education and resources in the area of equal employment opportunity, diversity and affirmative action.