The emergence of Buddhist or contemplative spiritual care has been pioneered as a field of theory, praxis, research, and education and continues to expand. For many, the path to professional chaplaincy or spiritual care starts with a Buddhist MDiv degree. Maitripa College can help you navigate your way into this fulfilling practice and service work in the world. We invite you explore the unique aspects of our learning community and curriculum, as well as the stories, research, and news shared through the below links. Reach out to talk to us about your dreams and how we can help you create them.

Buddhist Chaplaincy Is on the Rise

Buddhist chaplains in North America are deeply committed to serving others’ spiritual needs, to their dharma practices, communities, and traditions, and to contributing to the development the professional fields of spiritual care. Buddhist Chaplaincy emerges out of the coming together of practitioners’ insights, educational programs, clinical training, and employer needs.

Increasingly, Buddhist practitioners have recognized that the fruits of their practice – compassion, skillful means, equanimity, non-anxious presence, willingness to face suffering, death, and dying as spiritual opportunities – are a complementary for meaningful livelihood as a chaplain or spiritual care provider. Their Buddhist training (spiritual formation) is closely aligned with the internal and interpersonal competencies chaplains cultivate, and made explicit in graduate school programs, such as a Buddhist MDiv.

Professional chaplaincy associations and employers also increasingly value the practices and qualities Buddhist chaplains bring to patients and staff. Pathways to professionalization for Buddhists (and non-Christians) have steadily expanded to meet the needs of changing religious demographics in North America. Follow the links below and in the menu to the left to explore the field of Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care further and how Maitripa College might assist your interests and aspirations to make your Buddhist practice become your life!