Michael D. Jolliffee became assistant editor for Mandala, the official magazine of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) after graduation from Maitripa College (MA 2009) and worked there for ten years. Currently, he works in FPMT International Office’s Education Services department while pursuing a master’s degree in marriage, couple, and family counseling at Portland State University. His counseling focus is on LGBTQ+ couples and families, men’s issues, and spiritual wounding and repair.

He continues to be an active member within the Maitripa College community by regularly volunteering, leading rituals, and teaching Discovering Buddhism and meditation classes in Maitripa’s Jokhang meditation hall at Yangsi Rinpoche’s request. Following graduation, Michael also undertook advanced study at Maitripa in the Vajrayana certificate program.

When asked the reason that he originally decided to become a student at Maitripa College, Michael explains that he didn’t come to the college for any practical or career-oriented reasons. At the time, he had “a vague but undeniable spiritual longing.” He felt trepidation about the way his life was going and wanted to find some way to be helpful and be happy. He wasn’t sure how to accomplish this, so he enrolled at Maitripa to grow up and find his heart.