June 10–August 2, 2024
New two-part format. Take one or both parts.
Part 1 (with Dr. Patrick Lambelet): June 10–July 5  

The Maitripa Classical Tibetan Language Summer Intensive is a two-month, intensive, online course in classical Tibetan. The course is designed for students wishing to acquire a solid foundation in scriptural, classical Tibetan, with a focus on reading and translating Buddhist texts. (This is not a course in spoken, colloquial Tibetan, although it can serve as an excellent basis for study of the colloquial language.) 

The summer intensive is designed as one continuous course. However, students also have the option to take either the first or second part, depending on their needs and possibilities. Only students who have completed Part 1 or who are adept with the phonetic dimension of Tibetan at a minimum will be allowed to join Part 2 of the course, pending instructor approval.  

The course is taught by two Western-educated scholars of Tibetan, with the support of Maitripa president Yangsi Rinpoche, a traditionally educated native Tibetan speaker and Geshe Lharampa:


Part 1 (with Patrick Lambelet, PhD

In Part 1, we will learn the foundations of classical Tibetan, beginning with the alphabet, and learning the basics of pronunciation, writing, word formation, and reading of simple phrases and sentences. No prior study of Tibetan language is necessary, although students who already have a basis in Tibetan and wish to improve their skills are welcome to join.  

Part 2 (with Sam Go

In Part 2, we will begin learning the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of classical Tibetan. We will learn how to look up words in Tibetan dictionaries, recognize and use the different types of grammatical particles, and identify the functions of verbs. The goal is to be able to read and understand simple Tibetan sentences in Buddhist texts by the end of this intensive. 

Required Text

  • Wilson, Joe. 1998. Translating Buddhism from Tibetan. Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion.

Course Dates and Schedule

Full eight-week course: June 10-Aug 2
Part 1 (4 weeks) June 10-July 5 — Alphabet & Vocabulary
Part 2 (4 weeks) July 8-Aug 2 — Grammar
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 10 am-12 pm PDT

Credit Hours

The eight-week course is four-credits (Parts 1 and 2: two credits each).  Graduate credit hours and a grade are awarded to Oregon students. Maitripa College is not approved to award credit/grades to non-Oregon students but opens online courses to those who wish to participate through the enrollment status of Auditor.

>Please see full policies related to credit, tuition, and fees here.


Maitripa College is committed to keeping our programs accessible to every student who wishes to study here. To that end tuition is a fraction of the cost of comparable graduate programs in the United States. Additionally, we make every effort to consider the financial concerns of each student, and to support their progress through a commitment to flexible payment options and scholarship opportunities.

2023-2024 Tuition Rate: $438/credit hour

Degree Program Students

  • $1,752 – entire eight-week course *
  • $   876 — Part I or Part II

* Scholarship assistance may be available for Degree Program students (please contact

Continuing Education/Auditing Students:

  • $1,752 – entire eight-week course **
  • $   876 — Part I or Part II

** Sliding scale available if enrolling in both sessions (please contact

Ordained Monastics:

Ordained monastics are invited to apply with no application fee, and may be eligible for full scholarship, pending availability (please contact

Payment plans are available by request for all.

Sliding Scale Option for Summer 2024 Continuing Education Students and Auditors

For the 2024 Summer Classical Tibetan Language Intensive, we are offering a sliding scale for our Continuing Education (Oregon students) and Auditing (out of state) students.

Tuition offered at 100% contributes (along with donors and fundraising) to meeting our actual costs for offering incredible education as a non-profit, dharma-driven institution. Offerings above 100% tuition base will be entirely allocated to our scholarship funds and/or offsetting another participant’s need at this time to make a reduced tuition payment. Please contact to arrange your enrollment tuition.

Sliding Scale for CE/Auditing students enrolling in the entire eight-week course:

  •   75% Tuition = $1,314
  • 100% Tuition = $1,752
  • 125% Tuition = $2,190 (covers tuition + 25% scholarship donation)
  • 150% Tuition = $2,628 (covers tuition + 50% scholarship donation)

Tuition and fees must be paid in full by June 10, 2024, unless you have a prearranged payment plan in place with the Registrar (


Degree Program Student Fees ($125)

  • Technology Fee:  $36/semester
  • Library Fee:  $20/semester
  • Registration Fee:  $30/semester
  • Student Services Fee:  $24/semester
  • Building Maintenance:  $15/semester

Continuing Education/Auditing Student Fees ($68)

  • Technology Fee:  $36/semester
  • Library Fee:  $20/semester
  • Registration Fee:  $12/semester

Zoom Desktop Client Requirements

PC, Mac, or Linux with stable internet connection, speakers, microphone, and webcam.