Maitripa College was founded in 2005 by Yangsi Rinpoche, the late Dr. James A. Blumenthal, and a handful of Dharma students with the motivation of creating a place in which the intersection of traditional Tibetan Buddhist study and practice and the Western academy could be explored as a learning method for students of Buddhist thought.  

The mission of the College has always been to access the best parts of each tradition, and to carry them forward in a unique method of study, practice, and meditation in order to facilitate understanding, transformation, and insight in the student and enable their service in the world. 

Led by Geshe Lharampa, Yangsi Rinpoche, Maitripa College’s educational model is based on the three pillars of Scholarship, Meditation, and Service, providing a contemplative and transformative educational experience.  Scholarships and ordained sangha fellowships, flexible schedules, and the attractions of Portland, Oregon, put your affordable graduate degree or continuing education within reach. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Students
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The best way to see if Maitripa College is right for you is to make some time to connect. Please review the information available through the links on this page and use the form below to contact us – or call 503-235-2477 x 7005.

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