Tuition and Fees

Maitripa College is committed to keeping our programs accessible to every student who wishes to study here. To that end tuition is a fraction of the cost of comparable graduate programs in the United States. Additionally, we make every effort to consider the financial concerns of each student, and to support their progress through a commitment to flexible payment options and scholarship opportunities.


Tuition is due based on a 16-week semester for Fall and Spring terms and an intensive Summer 6-week term. Tuition will be charged by the credit hour for instruction during an academic semester. Students will be invoiced at the time of registration. Tuition and fee payments are due on the first day of the semester. Please see sections on this page for more details on the tuition schedule, organizing payment plans, service charges and our refund policy.

No student is obligated to pay for tuition charges for a term that has not commenced if the student withdrew, or for a term that was truncated by cessation of school services.

The tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year reflect a standard, cost of living increase in tuition and the new fee schedule based on increased expenses per student for the upcoming year. Please see descriptions on each of the fee charges below.

Tuition per Credit for Current Year


Summary: Estimated Per Semester Costs for Full-Time Students

$375 Tuition per credit (total for degrees: 44 for MA, 72 for MDiv)
$95 Fees per semester
$100 Books per semester
$1,500/Month Living Expenses (based on a single person)
$8,820: Total Estimated Cost per Semester based on Full-time, 7-credit hours

Payment Plans

Students who choose to enroll in a payment plan must be enrolled and submit their first payment on or before the first day of class. Once a payment plan has been agreed upon, students can either submit payment on the due date via check or credit card, or complete an Automatic Withdraw Form, available from the Accountant. Service Charges will automatically be charged to the student account for late tuition payments, as per the below.

Payment Plan Schedule

Students can register for a variety of payment plan options including:

Dividing tuition as described in our previous policy, which increases payment amount over time:

Class time elapsed: Amount due (as follows):
First day of semester: 10% paid
30th day of semester: 25% paid
60th day of semester: 50% paid
90th day of the semester: 100% paid

Dividing tuition in equal parts per month over the time between the first and last day of the semester.

Class time elapsed: Amount due (as follows):
First day of semester: 25% paid
30th day of semester: 50% paid
60th day of semester: 75% paid
90th day of the semester: 100% paid

Paying in two installments, etc.

Class time elapsed: Amount due (as follows):
First day of semester: 50% paid
90th day of semester: 100% paid

We highly encourage students to complete the Automatic Withdraw Form when signing up for a payment plan. This way additional services charges can be avoided.

Refund Schedule

After classes begin for a term, a student who drops a course within the first fifteen days of the semester will receive a full refund. After the first fifteen days, a student is eligible for a partial refund through the middle week of the term. Refunds shall be based on unused instructional time and shall be prorated as stated below. Refund rates shall not be differentiated on the criteria of a student’s source of income or loan repayment obligations except as otherwise required by law.

Class time elapsed | Amount of Refund (as follows):
1st-15th day of semester | 100% of tuition refunded
16th-30th day of semester | 80% of tuition refunded
31st-45th day of semester | 40% of tuition refunded
45th-60th day of semester | 20% of tuition refunded
No refund will be issued on or after the 61st day of the semester.

Service Charges

A service charge of $15 per enrolled credit will be added to an account on the day after tuition is due. Every 30 days that tuition remains outstanding, a $35 service charge will be added to the account. The service charge will continue to accrue on past due accounts on a monthly basis until the amount is paid in full.

A student will not be able to register for classes for the next semester until their account is balanced. Transcripts will be not be released to students with an outstanding account balance.


Maitripa College will maintain fees that are fair and uniformly applied to all students. Maitripa College will not change the fee policy during an academic year and will announce possible changes previous to the registration period before the start of a new academic year. All fees are non-refundable.

  • A technology fee is required for each student upon registration. This fee goes towards the cost of the student database.
  • A registration fee is required when a student registers each term. This amount is not applicable to the student’s tuition costs and the fee applies to all students. Re-registering to add courses does not require an additional fee. This fee goes towards costs associated with the Registration process.
  • A library fee is required of all students. This fee goes toward costs associated with technology, circulation, research resources, subscriptions, acquisitions, and printing.
  • A student services fee is required of degree program students. This fee goes toward costs associated with the student handbook, orientation, identification cards, student life gatherings, graduation, and other incidentals.
  • A building fee is required of degree program students. This fee goes toward costs associated with building maintenance, kitchen supplies, and other incidentals.

Fee Type: International | US Citizen/Residents | Continuing Education | Tibetan Language Intensive

  • Technology Fee:  $28/semester | $28/semester | $28/semester | $14/6 weeks
  • Library Fee:  $12/semester | $12/semester | $12/semester | $0/6 weeks
  • Registration Fee:  $25/semester | $25/semester | $10/semester | $10/6 weeks
  • Student Services Fee:  $20/semester | $20/semester | $0/semester | $0/6 weeks
  • Building Maintenance:  $10/semester | $10/semester | $0/semester | $10/6 weeks

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Tuition and fees are billed at the time of registration and due on the first day of class. Student may opt-in to a payment plan, however the payment plan must be in place and the first payment submitted on the first day of class or a late fee, as detailed below, will be added to the student’s account.