Why is it important to understand the value of lineage according to Tibetan Buddhism from the perspective of a modern student?  We invite you explore the rich and diverse topic of lineage with us through the Maitripa College unique pedagogical frame of scholarship, meditation, and service. Please click on the sections below to explore and learn.


Through our unique academic lineage, Maitripa College faculty and students make Buddhist scholarship come alive in a completely unique and revolutionary way.  >Click here to explore some foundational knowledge on lineage related to the Maitripa College tradition.


The Maitripa College curricular emphasis on the contemplative embodies the understanding that reflection combined with study offers a powerful pathway to knowledge. >Click here to explore a contemplative approach to lineage related to the Maitripa College tradition.


Through service, we strive to engage in our environments with a simultaneous hope to bring about positive change and a complete separation from expectation. >Click here to explore how lineage inspires us to service in the world.

REFLECTION. After you explore the links above, we invite you to take a moment to reflect on positively transformative relationships you have between your familial lineage, spiritual lineage, and/or academic lineage. Choose one and analyze the nature of the relationship. Notice what about the connection you have with this person makes the relationship beneficial. Sit for a moment with a sense of gratitude for this relationship. Take this gratitude forward into your next interaction in the world, no matter who it is with or how you interact with them, and observe the effect it has on your mind and theirs.