Fall 2019

August 29: Orientation (Required For New Degree Program, and Continuing Ed. Students)

September 2: Labor Day—Office Is Closed

September 3: First Day Of Classes For Fall Semester

September 13: Last Day To Add/Drop Classes For Fall Semester

October 15: Applications for Fall 2020 Available online

October 19: Lhabab Duchen—Buddha’s Descent from The God Realm of The Thirty-Three

November 25-29: Fall Break

November 28-29: Thanksgiving Holiday—Office Is Closed

December 9: Registration Opens for Spring Semester Courses

December 20: Last Day of Classes Fall Semester

December 21: Lama Tsongkhapa Day Celebration

December 22-January 21: Winter Break—No College Classes Scheduled

December 22- January 4 Winter Break—Office Is Closed


Spring 2020

January 15: Priority Application Deadline for Fall 2020

January 20: Martin Luther King Day—Office Is Closed

January 21: First Day Of Classes For Spring Semester

February 3: Last Day To Add/Drop Classes For Spring Semester

February 4: Registration Opens for Summer Tibetan Intensive

February 23: Tibetan New Year

March 1: Scholarship Applications Available

March 15: Start Date for Accepting Scholarship Applications

March 23-March 27: Spring Break

April 1: Recommended International Student Application Deadline for Fall 2020

April 15: Last Day to Submit Application for Fall 2020

May 1: Registration Opens For Fall Semester

May 1, 2020: Last Day to Submit Scholarship Applications for Fall 2020

May 15: Last Day Of Spring Semester

May 17: Commencement Ceremony

May 28: Memorial Day—Office Is Closed


Summer 2020

Date TBD: First Day Of Classes For Summer Term; Details Of Classical Tibetan Language Summer Intensive TBD

July 4: Independence Day—Office Is Closed

July 6: His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama’s Birthday Celebration

Chokhor Duchen—Buddha’s First Teaching Celebration