We Are Here for You:  Private Spiritual Care Conversations Are Available

Maitripa College offers opportunities for community care and student learning in the form of private, short, spiritual care conversations with chaplains, faculty, or advanced students in the MDiv and MA degree programs. Chaplains and faculty may be available to support the community. When trained and available, students welcome opportunities to practice their skills in compassionate presence and deep listening as they are preparing for chaplaincy and spiritual caregiving service in the world. We invite you to be in touch if you would be willing to engage in a confidential spiritual care conversation; experience has shown that they are mutually beneficial for students and volunteer participants!

Wondering if this is for you?

Participation is entirely free, and open to anyone, regardless of background or identity.

  • Would you find it helpful to reflect with someone on integrating spiritual practice into your life?
  • Are you coping with a loss, or struggling with decisions, or worried about a relationship, health, or a job?
  • Would you find it supportive to simply be able to speak what is on your mind, and be heard and witnessed with compassion?

If these or any other topic of your choice could use empathy or a fresh perspective, please volunteer! Please sign up for a free 30 minute private spiritual care conversation appointment today.  To schedule your date and time, please email Leigh at program@maitripa.org

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and experience. We hope the conversation will be mutually beneficial, especially in these times.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email supervising faculty, Dr. Leigh Miller at program@maitripa.org

*Spiritual Care Conversations with degree students do not constitute professional, clinical services*