Maitripa College: Buddhist Scholarship, Meditation, and Service2018-08-01T11:01:50+00:00
Maitripa College offers a Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies, a Master of Divinity Degree, Continuing Education courses, and community programming. Founded upon the three pillars of scholarship, meditation, and service, our contemplative learning curriculum combines modern academic and traditional Tibetan Buddhist disciplines. Students thrive in a supportive community, developing the personal qualities of a good heart, tolerance, and joy, as well as professional skills to become agents of positive change in the world.
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The three educational pillars of Maitripa College — SCHOLARSHIP, MEDITATION, and SERVICE — embody the extrinsic study of Buddhist thought, the internal exploration of Buddhist practice, and the activity that results from the integration of these. —Yangsi Rinpoche, President, Maitripa College

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