Steven Vannoy, PhD, is a founding visiting faculty member of Maitripa College and a long-time friend and adviser, assisting in many academic discussions and conferences at the College, as well as co-teaching classes with Yangsi Rinpoche.  

He is currently Associate Professor of Counseling and School Psychology, College of Education and Human Development, University of Massachusetts, Boston.  Professor Vannoy is a mental health service researcher focused on suicide prevention, dissemination of evidence based and alternative psychotherapies, and integrated mental health care in medical settings. He holds a PhD, Counseling Psychology, from the University of Wisconsin and a MPH, Public Health, from the University of Washington.

Recently completed projects include a large-scale evaluation into public health screening for suicide risk in the US Army, evaluating predictors of suicide following utilization of community mental health services, qualitative analyses of older, low-income men’s narratives about suicide, the impact of exercise on psychiatric inpatient units, and the impact of brief behavioral interventions on the use of anxiolytic medication for inpatient psychiatric units.

Professor Vannoy’s current projects involve the use of infrared eye-tracking technology and automated affect recognition from mobile video recordings to identify attention biases and patterns of affect that are related to suicide risk. The research team will work to further these existing projects, prepare manuscripts for publication and grant proposals for future studies. Professor Vannoy completed a masters in public health and postdoctoral fellowship in geriatric mental health services. He is a member of APA and The American Association of Suicidology.

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Leading a class discussion at Maitripa College
Class discussion with Yangsi Rinpoche in the Jokhang Meditation Hall.