The following is a listing of our courses; to read and/or download a printable copy of the full course Catalog including all course descriptions and other student policy and details (PDF), click on the following button. This course list describes courses that have been offered at Maitripa College between 2016-2020. Maitripa College faculty and staff are committed to periodic review and revision of degree curricula in light of new findings and methods in the fields of study, feedback from alumni and professionals, and faculty expertise. These courses are not guaranteed to be offered in the future, and new courses may be developed in 2021 and beyond. (Click here for current semester course schedule).

Maitripa College Course Catalog (includes course descriptions, policies, and more)
DepartmentCodeCourse NameCreditsProgram
COMMUNITY SERVICECS001Who We Are & Who We Serve: Personal Theology & Foundations of Engagement1MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECS002Compassionate Service: Building Bridges1MA
COMMUNITY SERVICECS003Compassionate Service: Conflict & Diversity, Wisdom & Method1MA
COMMUNITY SERVICECS004A Life of Social Action1MA
COMMUNITY SERVICECST001Who We Are & Who We Serve: Personal Theology & Foundations of Engagement1
COMMUNITY SERVICECST002Compassionate Service: Building Bridges3MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST003Compassionate Service: Wisdom & Method3MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST004Buddhist Ministry & Leadership: Building Spiritual Communities3MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST005Buddhist Chaplaincy3MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST006Buddhist Chaplaincy II3MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST007Spiritual Leadership Public Program Internship0
COMMUNITY SERVICECST007-1Spiritual Leadership Public Program Internship1MA, MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST007-2Spiritual Leadership Public Program Internship2MA, MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST007-3Spiritual Leadership Public Program Internship3MA, MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST122Mindful Institutional Organization, Administration & Development II: The Relationship with the Spiritual Teacher1MA, MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST131Contemplative Care and Counseling Skills1MA, MDiv, CE
COMMUNITY SERVICECST132Topics in Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling, and Contemplative Care as Service1MA, MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST142Spiritual Leadership & Applied Buddhist Theology1MA, MDiv
COMMUNITY SERVICECST201Compassion in Action: Living & Working Your Values in FPMT (The Foundation Service Seminar)1MA, MDiv, CE
HISTORYHIS301History of Buddhist Philosophy: India & Tibet2MA, MDiv
HISTORYHIS301dHistory of Buddhist Philosophy: India & Tibet2MA, MDiv
HISTORYHIS305Special Topics: Great Figures & Innovative Ideas in Buddhist History2
MEDITATIONMDT301Introduction to Buddhist Meditation2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT302Techniques of Buddhist Meditation: The Medium & Great Scope2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT303Techniques of Meditation: Madhyamaka2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT304Madhyamaka Meditation: Preparation for Vajrayana2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT316Stages of Meditation: Theory & Practice2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT320Calming the Mind: Shine Meditation Class2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT340Meditation for Mental Health I2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT341Meditation for Mental Health II2MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT401Vajrayana Meditation2MA, MDiv
MEDITATIONMDT402Vajrayana Meditation II2MA, MDiv
MEDITATIONMDT500Lamrim Retreat: Shin?© and Viapassana1MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT501Lamrim Retreat: The Small Scope1MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT502Lamrim Retreat: The Medium Scope1MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT503Lamrim Retreat: The Great Scope – Generating Bodhicitta1MA, MDiv, CE
MEDITATIONMDT504Lamrim Retreat: The Great Scope – Training in Bodhicitta1MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL301Introduction to Buddhist Thought2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL302Foundations of Buddhist Thought: The Medium and Great Scope2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL303Madhyamaka Philosophy: Where is the Middle Way?2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL304Madhyamaka Philosophy: A Dose of Emptiness2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL315Buddhist Psychology2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL316Stages of Meditation: Kamalashila’s Gom Rim in Theory & Practice2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL317The Foundations of Mahayana Buddhism2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL321Mindfulness & Compassion: Mind Training2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL323The Good Heart: Cultivating Patience & Joyous Effort, Reducing Anger & Apathy2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL325The Good Heart Mind Training for Community Engagement: An East-West Exploration2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL331Mindfulness & Compassion: Mahayana Buddhist and Scientific Approaches2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL332Mindfulness & Compassion: Mahayana Buddhist & Scientific Approaches (II)2MA, MDiv
PHILOSOPHYPHL401Vajrayana Philosophy I: The Stages of the Tantric Path2MA, MDiv
PHILOSOPHYPHL402Vajrayana Philosophy II2MA, MDiv
PHILOSOPHYPHL410Tantric Ritual & Ethics2MA, MDiv
PHILOSOPHYPHL411PHL411d. Tantric Ritual & Ethics II2MA, MDiv
PHILOSOPHYPHL450Theories & Methods of Buddhist Studies2MA, MDiv, CE
PHILOSOPHYPHL500Masters Thesis/Comprehensive Exam4MA
PHILOSOPHYPHL501Masters Thesis/Comprehensive Exams1MA
PHILOSOPHYPHL600The Uttaratantra: The Nature of Mind2MA, MDiv, CE
PSYCHOLOGYPSY 301Survey of East/West Psychology2MA, MDiv, CE
PSYCHOLOGYPSY302Making the Sick Mind Well: Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, and Buddhism2MA, MDiv, CE
PSYCHOLOGYPSY401Meaning, Mythology, and Mystical Experience: Understanding Social & Multicultural Psychology & the Psychology of Religion3MA, MDiv, CE
THEOLOGYTHL305Engaged Buddhism: Non-Violence and Social Justice in Buddhist Thought and Practice2MA, MDiv, CE
THEOLOGYTHL320Contemporary Buddhist Thought and Theology2MA, MDiv, CE
THEOLOGYTHL400Mindful Conflict Resolution1MA, MDiv, CE
THEOLOGYTHL410Buddhist Rituals, Ethics, Services & Ceremonies2MA, MDiv, CE
THEOLOGYTHL421Buddhist and Western Approaches to Pastoral Care and Counseling2MA, MDiv, CE
THEOLOGYTHL500Master of Divinity Final Comprehensive Paper4MDiv
THEOLOGYTHL501MDIV Final Project Continuation1MDiv
THEOLOGYTHL600Colloquies in Practical Buddhist Theology (three colloquy)1MA, MDiv, CE
THEOLOGYTHL601Colloquies in Practical Buddhist Theology (six colloquy)2MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB101Introduction to Classical Tibetan Language3MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB102Classical Tibetan Language II3MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB103Introduction to Classical Tibetan Language3MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB110Classical Tibetan Summer Intensive6MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB201Classical Tibetan Language Intermediate I2MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB202Classical Tibetan Language Intermediate II2MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB203rClassical Tibetan Grammar and Academic Translation Methodology4MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB301rSeminar in Tibetan Translation2MA, MDiv, CE
TIBETANTIB310rTopics in Translation: Genre and Methodology2MA, MDiv, CE