Tara Farms is a space dedicated to the khora (or circle) of human development. Khora is part of the Tibetan word for spiritual pilgrimage (nay-kor) and is also the Tibetan word for circumambulation, circle, and round. At its best, this word refers to an embodied, intentional, living practice experience.  A khora is at once inherently holy, completely ordinary, intensely personal, and deeply connective.

Drawing on these themes, we envision the Tara Farms project as facilitating a khora of human development: supporting individuals in moving through phases of growth within the three spirals of education, contemplation, and service. Each of the elements of Tara Farms speaks to a natural extension of the whole person’s growth, and we invite you to join us anywhere on the spiral that you may find yourself.

The Khora ~ The Three Spirals of Tara Farms

  1. Education: In the future, we plan to develop more course offerings and community events with Maitripa College at Tara Farms, as well as develop an education program for children and young people, summer camps, and more.
  2. Contemplation: Moving forward, we plan to develop a Contemplative Community for women and nuns in particular.
  3. Service: Moving forward, we plan to develop opportunities to work with and learn from the land on this working farm through permaculture, whole systems thinking, and considering viable relationships with the resources of the earth.

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How Can I Help?

Right now the Tara Farms Community project is in the planning and early development stages. Our greatest needs at present are for financial resources and for expertise that can be offered in-kind on a contract basis. As Spring approaches, we will have greater needs for other support.  If you are able to help in any of these ways or would like to be on our mailing list, please submit the following form (check all that apply):


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