Costs: Fall 2023 – Summer 2024 Academic Year

Annual Enrollment Costs for Full-time Degree Program Students

(note: scholarships are available for all full-time degree program students – see details below)

  • $6,132 (14 credits @ $438 per credit)
  • $250 Fees ($125 per semester)

Additional annual estimated costs:

  • $200 Books ($100 per semester)
  • $28,500 Living Expenses ($2,375/month for 12 months – see Living Expenses Chart below)

$35,082 Annual Total

Estimated Cumulative Enrollment Costs for Full-time Degree Program Students by Program for 2023-2024

Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (based on 3 years average completion)

  • Total Program Tuition: $438/credit x 44 credits = $19,272
  • Books & Supplies: $100/semester x 6 semesters = $600
  • Fees: $125/semester x 6 semesters = $750

Subtotal: $20,622

  • Living Expenses*: $2,375/month for 3 years = $85,500

Total Costs: $20,622 + $85,500 = $106,122 for living expenses and tuition.

Master of Divinity in Buddhist Studies (based on 4 years average completion)

  • Total Program Tuition: $438/credit x 72 credits = $31,536 
  • Books & Supplies: $100/semester x 8 semesters = $800
  • Fees: $125/semester x 8 semesters = $1,000

Subtotal: $33,336

  • Living Expenses*: $2,375/month for 4 years = $114,000

Total Costs: $33,336+ $114,000= $147,336

*Living Expenses Chart (for one person)

  • Rent with utilities: $1,396/month
  • Food:  $614/month
  • Transport: $159/month
  • Other: $206/month

Total Monthly Costs: $2375/month



Maitripa College is committed to keeping our programs accessible to every student who wishes to study here. To that end tuition is a fraction of the cost of comparable graduate programs in the United States. Additionally, we make every effort to consider the financial concerns of each student, and to support their progress through a commitment to flexible payment options and scholarship opportunities. 

Ordained sangha are invited to apply to attend Maitripa College at no cost. Please email Namdrol at for details.


Tuition is due based on a 15-week semester for Fall and Spring terms and a 10-week Summer term. Tuition will be charged by the credit hour for instruction during an academic semester. Students will be invoiced at the time of registration. Tuition and fee payments are due on the first day of the semester. No student is obligated to pay for tuition charges for a term that has not commenced if the student withdrew, or for a term that was truncated by cessation of school services. The tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year reflect a standard, cost of living increase in tuition and the new fee schedule based on increased expenses per student for the upcoming year. Please see descriptions on each of the fee charges below.


Maitripa College will maintain fees that are fair and uniformly applied to all students. Maitripa College will not change the fee policy during an academic year and will announce possible changes previous to the registration period before the start of a new academic year. All fees are non-refundable.

  • A technology fee is required for each student upon registration. This fee goes towards the cost of the student database.
  • A registration fee is required when a student registers each term. This amount is not applicable to the student’s tuition costs and the fee applies to all students. Re-registering to add courses does not require an additional fee. This fee goes towards costs associated with the Registration process.
  • A library fee is required of all students. This fee goes toward costs associated with technology, circulation, research resources, subscriptions, acquisitions, and printing.
  • A student services fee is required of degree program students. This fee goes toward costs associated with the student handbook, orientation, identification cards, student life gatherings, graduation, and other incidentals.
  • A building fee is required of degree program students. This fee goes toward costs associated with building maintenance, kitchen supplies, and other incidentals.

Tuition & Fee Payment Schedule Options

Tuition and fees are billed at the time of registration and due on the first day of class. Student may also opt-in to a payment plan, however the payment plan must be in place and the first payment submitted on the first day of class or a late fee (service charge), as detailed on this page, will be added to the student’s account. 

In the case of financial need, students may request a payment plan in order to cover tuition in installments. Payment plan options are available for all Maitripa students (both continuing education and degree students) to assist in tuition costs. Payment plans are offered at the discretion of the administrative office and must be approved before the term begins. Students are responsible for proactively adhering to the installment schedule and making payments on time. Approved payments can be made via the online payment system at or by check delivered by hand to the administrative office or by mail. 

A student will not be able to register for classes for the next semester until their account is balanced. Transcripts will be not be released to students with an outstanding account balance.

Tuition Refund

Amount of Refund (as follows):
Weeks 1-2 (drop/add period) | 100% of tuition refunded
Week 3 | 81.25% of tuition refunded
Week 4 | 75% of tuition refunded
Week 5 | 68.75% of tuition refunded
Week 6 | 62.5% of tuition refunded
Week 7 | 56.25 of tuition refunded
Week 8 | 50% of tuition refunded
No refund will be issued after the 8th week of the semester.

Service Charges

A service charge of $15 per enrolled credit will be added to an account on the day after tuition is due. Every 30 days that tuition remains outstanding, a $15 service charge will be added to the account. The service charge will continue to accrue on past due accounts on a monthly basis until the amount is paid in full. 

More Information

Please email for more information on any question regarding tuition, fees, payment plans, financial aid, and scholarships. 

Fees per Semester

International Student

  • Technology Fee:  $36/semester
  • Library Fee:  $20/semester
  • Registration Fee:  $30/semester
  • Student Services Fee:  $24/semester
  • Building Maintenance:  $15/semester

US Citizen/Resident

  • Technology Fee:  $36/semester
  • Library Fee:  $20/semester
  • Registration Fee:  $30/semester
  • Student Services Fee:  $24/semester
  • Building Maintenance:  $15/semester

Continuing Education Student

  • Technology Fee:  $36/semester
  • Library Fee:  $20/semester
  • Registration Fee:  $12/semester


Partial scholarships are available to qualified degree students and are applied for each term of study rather than annually. Continuing education students are not eligible for scholarships. View the admissions calendar for the current deadlines for scholarship applications.

Monastic Scholarships

Study the great texts of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, become proficient in classical Tibetan for personal practice or translation, deepen your understanding of Buddhist philosophy and meditation techniques, engage with modern Buddhist Studies scholarship, and experience profound service-learning opportunities. Maitripa degree programs are founded upon the pillars of scholarship, meditation, and service toward personal and societal transformation. More than half of the academic courses are taught by founder and president, Yangsi Rinpoche, Geshe Lharampa, lineage holder, and a modern master of the tradition.

Inquire now about full tuition scholarships available for ordained sangha (monks and nuns) or click on the button below for online details and link to application form. Applies only to onsite study in Portland, Oregon, USA. Student visas are available for international students. 

Tuition Discounts


Graduates of a Maitripa degree program may audit classes at Maitripa College with full tuition scholarship in recognition of the work they’ve already accomplished at Maitripa, as well as the vital role they play in our community. This discount applies from the date of completion of all credits, including successful completion of a final project (ARP), Master’s thesis, or comprehensive exam.

Continuing Educations Students 60+

Maitripa continuing education students who are sixty years or older at the time of registration qualify for a 10% tuition reduction per class. We care deeply about supporting a diverse student body at Maitripa College and hope that this reduction is helpful and appreciated. Note: Students who qualify for both reductions may choose which one they wish to utilize.