As we navigate these very unique times, we invite you to connect with the Maitripa College community locally, nationally, and around the world, for comfort, hope, and inspiration. Now more than ever, it’s the time to make your practice your life.

PLEASE NOTE:   Update on Status of Fall 2020 term (August 17, 2020).  Classes will continue as planned this fall at Maitripa College, beginning August 31. In accordance with local guidelines, classes in fall term will be held online, with optional, periodic, onsite meetings incorporating rigorous social distancing to be held at the instructor’s discretion if state and local regulations permit. Other than legal mandates, the safety and comfort of our faculty and students is the primary factor driving this decision. All classes will have remote-only options for registered students in Oregon.

View the fall schedule and links to register here:

From Our Teachers

Upcoming Community Events (Remote)

For the health and safety of all beings during the time of Covid-19, Maitripa College welcomes you to join our worldwide community online for these special upcoming practices, dialogues, and teaching series.  Please click here for the latest listing of all public (remote) events this Fall with links to register and view.

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Pandemic: Public Resources for Our Friends and Community: Click here for a directory of links to public information and tools related to the COVID-19 Pandemic generally and in Portland and the state of Oregon specifically

Maitripa College Prayer List: Please click here to ADD NAMES to the prayer list which is read during weekly practices

Private Spiritual Care Conversations: Maitripa College is offering opportunities for community care and student learning in the form of private, short, spiritual care conversations at this time. Our advanced students in the MDiv program need opportunities to practice developing skills for chaplaincy or similar service. We invite you to volunteer if you would be willing to have a conversation with them (through Zoom or by phone) and share something with which you are struggling, or questions or concerns you might have. How is integrating spiritual practice and values into your life going these days? If you are interested, please email Leigh at  [email protected] to schedule. Thank you for your generosity in considering sharing your experience, and we hope the conversation will be mutually beneficial, especially at this time.