The Master of Arts (MA) in Buddhist Studies with a Focus in Education at Maitripa College

The Master of Arts (MA) in Buddhist Studies with a focus in education at Maitripa College facilitates the students’ deep engagement with Buddhist teachings, practice, and tradition while also supporting them in gaining expertise in educational theory and pedagogy, as well as effective engagement and efficacy in the world. This specialized program integrates the study of Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and spiritual formation through service with coursework in curriculum development, instructional design, and educational psychology. Students in this program explore how Buddhist principles can be applied to educational contexts and to their own practice as educators, and how to design and implement educational programs that integrate wisdom, compassion, and ethics, fostering holistic development and well-being in learners of all ages.

Key components of the curriculum include:

1. Foundations of Buddhist Studies

2. Foundations of Buddhist Meditation and Contemplative Practices

3. Stages of Human Development: Learning, Teaching, and Faith

4. Educational Theory and Practice

5. Buddhist Ethics and Values

6. Instructional Strategies and Models

7. Curriculum Development

8. Educational Leadership

9. Research in Education

Graduates of this program will be prepared to pursue careers as educators, curriculum developers, program coordinators, or basic meditation instructors in a variety of settings, including schools, universities, meditation centers, non-profit organizations, and community-based initiatives. They will be equipped to promote understanding, compassion, and social change through the integration of Buddhist wisdom and educational practice. The successful completion of this program (along with other requisites) may also act as a basis for certification as an FPMT Registered Teacher.