Community at Maitripa College has its roots in the traditional Buddhist definition of sangha (gendun in Tibetan), referring to the community of companions who offer support and friendship on the spiritual path. At Maitripa College, we view the interaction and relationship with the community as a major condition for the learning that happens here on all levels. Our community is comprised of degree program students, continuing education students, longtime practitioners, local meditators, the mildly curious, and the truly devout. Our values are loving-kindness, harmony, and a good intention. All are welcome! Please click here to read about the Maitripa College plans and policies regarding children at community events and in our public spaces.

Generosity Policy for Community Programs

We strive to operate our community programs at Maitripa College within a model of a gift economy, grounded in an understanding of interdependence and sensitive to the dynamics of connection. In traditional Buddhist teachings, the practice of generosity is a primary condition for the result of abundance, and deep karmic connection is established through giving. In many indigenous cultures, valuables are given not in exchange for money or other things, but with an understanding and respect for the relationship that is formed.  With these models as our guide, we invite you to connect to Maitripa College through giving however you are able, in order to establish the reciprocity that deepens and strengthens connection.

 Jokhang Meditation Hall Programs

The Jokhang Meditation Hall at Maitripa College offers traditional Dharma teachings, pujas, prayers, and hosts visiting lamas. The Jokhang was given its name by Maitripa College’s President and primary teacher, Yangsi Rinpoche, after the famed Jokhang temple in Lhasa, Tibet.

The Jokhang Program strives to operate in a spirit of openness and community, and you are welcome to join us at any time for any activity held in the Jokhang, regardless of your religious affiliation. The Jokhang is a sacred space, and we ask you to respect it. Please leave your shoes in the space provided outside the temple & dress appropriately.

See the event calendar for the current schedule of all Jokhang Program events. In the spirit of generosity, all of our regular Jokhang programs are offered to the public free of charge, although you are invited to offer a donation as an expression of your support.

Prayer Requests

You may request prayers from the Maitripa community at any time (click here for details)