Required & Recommended Courses (44 Credits)

Note: Maitripa College faculty and staff are committed to periodic review and revision of this curriculum in light of new findings and methods in the fields of study, feedback from alumni and professionals, and faculty expertise. Maitripa College does not guarantee all courses will be offered as listed in the coming years. An individual student’s course of study will vary according to concentrations, language studies, pace of study, and elective options. For more information, please see your academic advisor or contact us at  To download a PDF version of the following information, click here.


Required: 6 courses (12 credits)

PHL301  Introduction to Buddhist Thought
PHL302 Foundations of Buddhist Thought: The Medium and Great Scope
PHL303  Madhyamaka Philosophy: Where is the Middle Way?
PHL304  Madhyamaka Philosophy: A Dose of Emptiness,
OR PHL308 Mahamudra: Realizing the Nature of Mind
HIS301  History of Buddhist Thought in India and Tibet
PHL450 Theories and Methods in Buddhist Studies

Required: 2 courses (4 credits)

PHL404 Fundamentals of the Vajra Vehicle
PHL410 Buddhist Rituals, Ethics, Services, and Ceremonies
THL320 Contemporary Buddhist Thought and Theology
THL305 Socially Engaged Buddhism
OR Special topics on race, women, death and dying, etc.


Required: 4 courses (8 credits)

MDT301  Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
MDT302  Techniques of Buddhist Meditation: The Medium and Great Scope
MDT303  Techniques of Meditation: Madhyamaka
MDT304  Madhyamaka Meditation: Preparation for Vajrayana
OR  MDT308  Techniques of Meditation: Mahamudra


Required: 4 courses (8 credits)

CS301   Foundations of Buddhist Service
CS302   Finding Your voice: Communication and Context
CS303   Chaplaincy and Models of Spiritual Care
CS304   Servant Leadership in Buddhist/Spiritual Communities


Required: 6 credits

Graduate students in the MA program are required to complete a minimum of six credits in Classical Tibetan language on-site at Maitripa College; the exact courses to meet the minimum may vary depending on prior study or availability of the student for summer enrollment. Students with interest in doctoral studies, translation, and practice and philosophic texts are encouraged to take as many credit hours as possible, with both Western and Tibetan teachers.


TIB110  Classical Tibetan Language Summer Intensive (6)
TIB108  Classical Tibetan Course Summer 2020 (4)
TIB118  Introduction to Translating Tibetan Texts (1)
TIB101  Introduction to Classical Tibetan Language I (2)
TIB102  Introduction to Classical Tibetan Language II (2)
TIB201  Intermediate Classical Tibetan Language I (2)
TIB202  Intermediate Classical Tibetan Language II (2)
TIB301  Seminar in Tibetan Translation (2)

Final Mastery Degree Requirement

Required: 4 credits

Default Required           

ARP502  Action Research Project I (2)
ARP504  Action Research Project II (2)

Permission Only            

THL500 Comprehensive Exam or Thesis (4)

GENERAL ELECTIVES and Curricular Planning

Students may select non-required courses from the course catalogue and new courses as they are offered to build specific competencies or concentrations of study according to their educational interests and goals. Students are advised to consider both breadth and depth of training, as well as requirements or expectations for post-graduate needs. The number of total electives is variable, and students are advised to generate an individual plan with their advisors.