In these times, grief is common, but rarely spoken. Our hearts may feel disconnected from others we know, from our dharma practice, and from our daily lives. When gathering for sharing and listening in sacred space and in relationships built on dharma, we may experience a reconnection. This is a practice of deep listening, compassionate connection, and supportive presence. 

All are welcome to a facilitated sharing and listening circle centered on grief. We invite participants to join us in beginning and ending each session with contemplative practices and offer the opportunity to everyone to mindfully share our experiences of loss, or just compassionately listen. You may be grieving the loss of a specific individual(s) or pet who has died; or have lost a job, relationship, or the security of a home or health; you may be supporting someone who is dying or grieving; you may be feeling grief for the planet and for the lives of so many beings suffering the impacts of climate change, war, and injustice.

A Buddhist spiritual care grief support group will continue to meet monthly at Maitripa College. These groups will be facilitated by people with a combination of religious and contemporary spiritual care qualifications. We will gather in a quiet space at Maitripa College for 60-75 minutes, starting at 9:30am on a Sunday morning, followed by a short break.

Everyone is warmly welcome to stay for the community practice at 11am. Community practice is followed by tea. Everyone is welcome to join as little or as much of the Sunday programs as they wish.

Should you wish a follow up conversation after a spiritual care support group, you may reach out to Ven. Yonten or Leigh.