The three educational pillars of Maitripa College — SCHOLARSHIP, MEDITATION, and SERVICE — embody the extrinsic study of Buddhist thought, the internal exploration of Buddhist practice, and the activity that results from the integration of these. —Yangsi Rinpoche, President, Maitripa College

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We hope to see you at one of our upcoming public events this semester! TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE for the landmark visit to Portland by GESHE THUPTEN JINPA hosted by Maitripa; follow the link below for details | Registration is open for the Summer Classical Tibetan courses and Applications are being accepted for Fall Degree Program Entrance; contact us to explore your options! | Yangsi Rinpoche is currently on a Teaching Tour in Southeast Asia - see the special announcement below and follow us on Facebook to keep up with his activities.

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Special Announcement

Maitripa College’s President, Yangsi Rinpoche, is currently on a teaching tour in Southeast Asia (from March 10 – April 18), visiting scholars, participating in academic discussions, giving teachings, and meeting with colleagues, students, and friends in SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur, and Penang) and TAIWAIN (Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Tainan). Rinpoche will be offering many teachings including: The Philosophy of Emptiness – Buddhist Meditation on Dependent Origination | Past & Future Lives | Foundation of Compassion & How to Meditate on Loving Kindness | How Does Purification of Negativities Work? | 7 Point Mind Training |The Way to Meditate on the 3 Principle Aspects of the Path | The Way to Meditate on the 3 Types of Compassion |The Way to Meditate on Emptiness & Dependent Origination |The Nature of Consciousness: Perspectives from Buddhism, Science, & the World’s Religions | The Heart Sutra | The Vajra Cutter Sutra | Cancer & What Practices to Do | A Public Forum on “Why We Need to Meditate” | and a Medicine Buddha Retreat.  We will be posting announcements and photos of Yangsi Rinpoche’s activities in Southeast Asia on our FACEBOOK PAGE – PLEASE FOLLOW US THERE! Please also watch this page for announcements of special guest teachers and events here in Portland during his absence.

Academics & Admission

Graduates at Maitripa CollegeMaitripa College is the first Tibetan Buddhist college in the pacific northwest, and was the host of the Dalai Lama Environmental Summit in May 2013. Maitripa College is based on the conviction that Buddhist thought and practice have significant contributions to make to American society and culture. Led by Geshe Lharampa, Yangsi Rinpoche, Maitripa’s educational model is based on the three pillars of Scholarship, Meditation, and Service, providing a contemplative and transformative educational experience. Scholarships and ordained sangha fellowships, flexible schedule, and the attractions of Portland, Oregon, put your affordable graduate degree or continuing education within reach. Click here to read our Mission Statement and explore the links to the right for complete details on how to become part of the Maitripa community.
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Seven Billion Brothers & Sisters

His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Hope for the Planet: A Short Film Based on the 2013 Environmental Summit in Portland, Oregon, hosted by Maitripa College

Maitripa College: An Introduction

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