“Past & Future Lives: Is Enlightenment Possible Without Them?” 

(Maitripa College April 8, 2016)  Should we abandon traditional Buddhist views unproven by scientific materialism, labeling them antiquated and irrelevant? What would the implications of doing so be for our study and practice? Professor Thurman addresses these profound questions and much more in his provocative and always entertaining and accessible style at Maitripa College in the spring of 2016.

We are able to provide this video, including the staff time for editing and filming, thanks to the generous contributions of the event patrons. We sincerely hope you enjoy.

About the Speaker

A recognized worldwide authority on religion and spirituality, Asian history, world philosophy, Buddhist science, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Robert Thurman is an eloquent advocate of the relevance of Buddhist ideas to our daily lives. He is also a leading contemporary voice of the value of reason, peace, and compassion. He was named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential Americans and has been profiled by The New York Times and People Magazine.  >more