(May 2015) MA Graduate and Maitripa College Registrar Jacob Lindsley has been informed that his thesis paper was accepted for presentation at Mind & Life Institute’s International Symposium of Contemplative Studies this fall, in San Diego.

Jacob’s paper, entitled “Mindfulness and the Transformation of the Self: Affirmation and Negation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Tibetan Buddhism” focuses on the emerging concept of “self” and its transformation through therapies such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and ACT, contrasting it with a model of self used in the Madhyamaka tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Mind & Life Institute’s International Symposium seeks to encourage and help shape a cohesive interdisciplinary field of contemplative studies in which basic and applied science, scholarship, education, the arts, and contemplative traditions collaboratively develop an integrated way of knowing.

Jacob will be spending four exciting days with the renowned, innovative thinkers in neuroscience, psychology, clinical science, the humanities, philosophy, and education, all presenting their groundbreaking research with the goal of advancing our understanding of the mind, reducing human suffering, and enhancing our well-being.

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