Please consider the information below and when you ready to open the doors for future generations through your planned giving gift, contact us by email at or call 503-235-2477.

As Buddhists, we know that death is certain and in our spiritual practice we prepare for that certainty.  We can also take steps now to ensure our support for loved ones, organizations and causes continues after our passing.  Please consider acting now to transform the lives of Maitripa College students for generations to come.  Your gift helps students transform their lives through our full-time graduate degree program, distance learning program, and continuing education opportunities centered around the three pillars of scholarship, meditation, and service to the community. and what they are doing in the world.  Through planned giving, you can ensure that the opportunity and conditions for positive transformation will be available for generations to come.  Read how the generosity of benefactors has affected the lives of students.  Leaving a legacy through your gift to Maitripa College is straightforward:

1.  Choose the method that is best for you.

Maitripa College offers a variety of ways for you to make planned gifts to the college.  Whatever your financial status, there may be a way for you to leave a legacy:

a. Name Maitripa College in your will or living trust. 

If you have an existing will or living trust, you can easily add Maitripa College as a beneficiary.  If you don’t have a will or living trust, please consider having one prepared.  Many experts agree that wills and living trusts offer benefits to people, by (at a minimum) ensuring what they leave behind is directed in the manner they intend.  >Click here to consider some examples of ways to include the college as a beneficiary.

b. Name Maitripa College as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or a life insurance policy. 

When you name the college (which is a charitable organization) as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or a life insurance policy, distributions from the plan or policy will come directly to Maitripa College, rather than passing through your will or living trust.  It’s also possible that your heirs may benefit from this approach.  >Click here to consider an example of how this could work.

2. Choose how you want the college to use your funds.

a. Designate your planned gift in support of one or more of the existing funds at Maitripa College. At present, these include:

  • Research Library Fund, which is used to develop a world-class library of English and Tibetan texts to support research, translation and education in Buddhist Studies;
  • Student Scholarship Fund, which is used to ensure that every student who wishes to receive and education at Maitripa College can do so, without financial hardship.

b. Designate your planned gift to a developing project at Maitripa College, such as the Maitripa Endowment Fund, which will be used to support the development of a world-class faculty at the college.

c. Make an unrestricted planned gift, which will leave a legacy of priceless benefit for unknown future needs of the college.

3.   Rejoice knowing that you will benefit many.

Your planned gift will allow you to offer the world a true legacy that will support future generations for lifetimes to come.   It also allows you to give without financial pressure or worry now.  There also may be ancillary financial benefits to your estate and your heirs.