Our 2022 fundraising season is underway!
November 1-December 31, 2022

This year’s Fundraising Campaign is built on the theme “Finding Joy in Every Moment”; taking inspiration from our work in creating a world in which the full positive potential of every being is recognized and celebrated, a world that you are helping to shape with your continuous support for our mission. As we emerge from two years of pandemic restrictions and a significant disruption in our normal practices of life at every level, we find ourselves all seeking secure footing in a new context in which the ground has shifted beneath our very feet. As we take our first tentative steps forward, we invite you to join in in visualizing our future together, hand in hand, while finding joy in every moment.

Our Fundraising goal for this season is $45,000. Your gift will help Maitripa College regain its footing in our post-pandemic world, and ensure that we can continue to strengthen our programs and learning opportunities for all, moving ever closer towards our long-term strategic goal of attaining full accreditation as a Buddhist college in the United States.

And…To support our community in finding joy in every moment as we move into winter, we are bookending our Winter Fundraising campaign with two extraordinary events:

Finding Joy in Every Moment: Winter 2022 Tara Retreat with Yangsi Rinpoche

Sunday November 13, 10am-4 pm
Simple vegetarian lunch included.


Finding Joy in Every Moment: Winter 2022 Lama Tsongkhapa Day Celebration of Lights and Holiday Party/Potluck!

December 18th ~  Ganden Ngamchoe, the annual Tibetan Buddhist celebration of our teacher Je Tsongkhapa. Followed by a holiday party/potluck with our community!