Children at Maitripa College:  Our Policy and Plans

We plan to open the Tara School at Maitripa College in 2024, which will house a preschool program in a prepared environment. Before Covid, we offered programming for children on Sundays during Community Events at Maitripa, but we have not yet been able to reinstate this program safely due to a lack of resources, so we ask for your patience.

Rest assured that we know that young people are central to our mission at Maitripa College, and we are committed to developing more resources to support them in the coming year. Details about Tara School programs and enrollment are available here.

In the Meantime…

In the meantime, if your child is able to sit quietly and regulate themselves physically, verbally, and mentally, you are invited to bring them into the Jokhang Meditation Hall during teachings, practice, or puja. Please keep in mind that the Jokhang is a sacred space, and we ask that all who enter it treat it as such to the best of their capacity. If you do not know what this means, please ask!

Please do not leave your children unattended at Maitripa College.

Please keep in mind that others come to Maitripa to meditate, listen to teachings, or do ritual practice, and be respectful of their space and your impact on it.

Thank you for your patience and support as we do our best to fulfill the wishes of all beings who pass through our doors.