The Maitripa College “retreat” model offers students both onsite and online course delivery formats and the encouragement to make your educational journey one of spiritual and community formation as well.

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Curriculum

We are at a moment of great crisis and opportunity in our world: systems are collapsing or shifting, our perceptions and understanding of who we are, what we are doing, and how we are to live together are in transition. In the past years, in particular, many of our assumptions have been turned upside down, our hearts have been broken, and things we believed were solid have shattered: we are faced with realities of a world that is terrifying and unstable, and given almost no tools to work with.

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition in particular has much to offer in this time and place. Please join us in the coming year, beginning in late August, 2022, for a year of deep study and practice on traditions of restoration and resilience in Tibetan Buddhism, to reset and restore your mind and practice.

In the Arms of the Buddha: Reset and Restore Your Mind and Practice –
A Year of Immersion Into Traditions of Restoration and Resilience in Tibetan Buddhism

Fall 2022 Retreat:

Classes Open to All (Click here for schedule and course descriptions)

  • PHL326: Foundations of Mind Training (Service as Spiritual Practice): Lojong and Your Community (2 credits)
  • THL412: Buddhist Ethics, Rituals, Services, and Ceremonies for Healing and Restoration (2 credits)  Course includes: Autumn Equinox Retreat Day at Tara Farms – Thursday September 22 and Winter Solstice Retreat Day at Tara Farms – Wednesday, December 21
  • THL423: Spiritual Care in Practice (2 credits)

Classes for Advanced Standing Students (Click here for schedule and course descriptions)

  • PHL307: Madhyamaka Buddhist Philosophy: India to Tibet (2 credits)
  • MDT303 Techniques of Meditation: Madhyamaka (2 credits)
  • CS303: Chaplaincy and Models of Spiritual Care (2 credits)
  • TIB201: Classical Tibetan Language Intermediate I (2 credits)
  •  TIB301: Seminar in Tibetan Translation (2 credits)
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Spring 2023 Retreat:

(Tentative course titles below; finalized course list and course descriptions to be announced in Fall, 2022)

  • Advanced Mind Training: Deep Lojong
  • Calm Abiding Meditation/ Meditating with Shantideva
  • Death, Loss, Grieving, and Living including: Spring Equinox Retreat Day at Tara Farms: Monday, March 20 and Summer Solstice Retreat Day at Tara Farms: Wednesday, June 21
  • The Four Noble Truths: The Systemic Suffering of Race and Racism

The Retreat Model and Fall 2022 Classes

The Fall 2022 term begins on August 29, 2022.

We are inspired by the wish to make the most of the precious opportunity and our fortune in being born in this time and place, in which we are equipped to learn from and with one another in so many ways, and are also able to have and to offer unprecedented access and flexibility to peers, mentors, and friends from around the world.

At the same time, one of the greatest lessons from the past years of maneuvering Maitripa classes and events (and our lives!) during COVID has been newfound awareness and appreciation of the preciousness of in-person time together, and the transformative capacity of relationship in the context of our educational model, and the world.

Keeping these values in mind, we are happy to share that we will be offering our Fall 2022 courses in person (with the exception of the Intermediate Tibetan class), with synchronous, online attendance available for auditors and hybrid options available as needed for degree program students after the first four weeks.

As previously, in-person attendance during weeks 1-4 (through September 23) will be required of degree program students to receive credit for the class. Hybrid attendance after that time will be decided on a case-by-case basis; please reach out to your advisor for details.  As in the past, individualized support will be available for degree program students to structure their learning as a semester-long “retreat,” and course offerings will be supplemented by robust community program offerings at Maitripa College.