When not in the classroom at Maitripa College, during academic year breaks and for special events, Yangsi Rinpoche travels widely, representing Maitripa College at conferences and giving teachings around the world.  Here are highlights of his current schedule away from Portland; follow the links for details where available (click here for more about Rinpoche).

Rinpoche’s 2020 teaching dates away from Portland are being finalized and subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Previous Travels

Summer 2019 EU Tour

June 14 -16: Granada, Spain: OSEL LING RETREAT CENTRE ~ (http://www.oseling.org) ~ Medicine Buddha, Four Sessions Retreat, Saka Dawa Tsok and Lama Choepa, Teaching on the Foundations of All Good Qualities, and Public Talk

June 18 : GRANADA, Spain: NAGARJUNA GRANADA CENTRE ~ https://nagarjunagr.org/ ~ Public Talk

June 20 : BARCELONA, Spain: NAGARJUNA BARCELONA CENTRE ~ https://www.nagarjunabcn.org ~ Public Talk : The Way to Happiness

June 21-24 : GIRONA, Spain: TUSHITA MEDITATION CENTRE ~ http://www.tushita.es/en ~ Public Teaching, Four Sessions Tara Retreat, Teaching on the Two Bodhicittas, Green Tara Retreat

June 25: FRANCE: Institute Vajrayogini ~ Private Events

June 27 : MOULINS, France: ~ https://www.tousvoisins.fr/moulins-03/agenda/1885515-rencontre-avec-yangsi-rimpoche-maitre-bouddhiste-tibetain~ Public Talk

June 29 : LONDON, UK: ~ JAMYANG BUDDHIST CENTRE ~ https://www.jamyang.co.uk/

June 30:  BATH, UK:  https://jamyangbath.org.uk/yangsi-rinpoche/

July 2:  BELGIUM: ~ Shedrup Zungdel Study Group ~ Public Talk: The Importance of Compassion and Wisdom in Everyday Life ~ http://shedrupzungdel.be/2019/05/

July 5-7 : MUNICH, Germany: ~TARA MANDALA CENTER ~ https://tara-mandala.de/~ Vajrasattva Jenang and Teaching on Mahamudra

August 2019

8/5 – 8/19 Europe

February 2019

2/3 Sunday DFF, Seattle, Washington
2/16 Vancouver, Canada
2/17 Sunday DFF, Seattle, Washington
2/21 – 2/22 Nashville, Tennessee 
2/23 Puerto Rico

March 2019

3/6 – 3/12  Taipei
3/13 – 3/31 Malaysia

FALL 2018

October 18-21, San Juan, Puerto Rico
November 2-5, Deer Park, Madison, Wisconsin
November 12-13, Boulder, Colorado
November 14-16, Soquel, California
November 18 & December 9, Seattle, Washington


May 24 and June 7: Portland, Oregon: Maitripa College
June 15-17: Landau, Germany: Tara Mandala Center
June 23-24: ​Copenhagen, Denmark: Center for Wisdom and Compassion
June 26–27: Nijmegen, Netherlands: Jewel Haert Nijmegen
June 29-July 1: Amsterdam: Maitreya Instituut Amsterdam
July 3-July 8: Spain: Luz de Nagarjuna and La Sabiduria de Nagarjuna 
August: France: Institut Vajra Yogini

MARCH 2018

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Centro Budista Ganden Shedrub Ling
Florida, US: Thubten Kunga Ling (“Finding Peace in Difficult Times”; “Working with Fear”)


India: Sera Jey Monastery
India: Bodhgaya
Katmandu, Nepal: Kopan Monastery

Yangsi Rinpoche at Institut Vajra Yogini, France, August 2018

Many of Rinpoche’s teachings around the world are available online from hosts’ websites and youtube channels.  Here are a few (click on the links to view and visit the Maitripa College Youtube Channel for a collection of teachings in Portland):

How to Achieve Happiness: Gonpo Ludup Study Group, Laguna Beach, CA, 2017 (English)

How to Establish a Daily Practice: Guhyasamaja Buddhist Center, Washington, DC, 2017 (English)

El fundamento para la práctica de purificación de Vajrasattva: Budismo Puerto Rico, 2017 (Spanish)

Retiro Chenrezig at Budismo Puerto Rico, 2017 (Spanish)

Mahayana Buddha Dharma at Dharma Friendship Foundation, Seattle, WA 2016 (English)

The Nature of the Mind:  Guhyasamaja Buddhist Center, Washington, DC, 2015 (English)

Institut Vajra Yogini (Centre Bouddhiste de Marzens), 2015 (Tibetan, French)