We invite you to join us for a very special opportunity at Maitripa College!

Beginning the first Sunday in October, Yangsi Rinpoche (supported by other teachers when needed) will guide us through the Lamrim: the stages of the path to enlightenment, which is the classic presentation of the graduated steps of the path to enlightenment and the foundation of all spiritual practice according to the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to receive an introduction to this classic framework from a recognized master of the tradition! No registration or prerequisites necessary, all are invited to attend.

Lam-rim Course Schedule October 6, 2019-May 31, 2020

(Sundays 11:00am – 12:30pm)

Sunday, October 6: Class 1
What is “Enlightenment” Anyway? Motivation for Learning the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim)

Sunday, October 13: Class 2
The Greatest Goodness is a Peaceful Mind. Atisha, The Greatness of the Teaching

Sunday, October 20: Class 3
The Upside-Down PotHow to Listen to and Explain the Teachings

Sunday, October 27: Class 4
A Virtuous Friend. Relying on the Teacher

Sunday, November 3: Class 5
Sitting Still. The Meditation Session

Sunday, November 10: Class 6
It’s Not Zoning Out. Refuting Misconceptions About Meditation

Sunday, November 17: Class 7
Lucky to be Here. A Human Life of Leisure and Opportunity

Sunday, December 1: Class 8
Locating Oneself on the Path. The Three Types of Persons

Sunday, January 26: Class 9
The Only Certain Thing. Mindfulness of Death

Sunday, February 2: Class 10
Looking Ahead. Reflecting on Your Future Life

Sunday, February 16: Class 11
Protection in the Storm. The Practice of Refuge

Sunday, February 23: Class 12
Protection in the Storm. Refuge Precepts and Taking Refuge

Sunday, March 1: Class 13
Reap What You Sow. Karma: Part 1

Sunday, March 15: Class 14
Reap What You Sow. Karma: Part 2

Sunday, April 5: Class 15
A Starting Point. The Attitude of a Person of Small Capacity

Sunday, April 12: Class 16
The Basis of Everything. Cultivating Ethical Behavior

Sunday, May 3: Class 17
Like Honey on the Razor’s Edge. The Origin of Suffering and The Twelve Links of Dependent-Arising: Part 1

Sunday, May 10: Class 18
Like Honey on the Razor’s Edge. The Origin of Suffering and The Twelve Links of Dependent-Arising: Part 2

Sunday, May 24: Class 19
Definite Emergence: Liberation! The Medium Scope

Sunday, May 31: Class 20
Ascertaining the Nature of the Path: The Nature of the Three Trainings

In Fall, 2020 this course will conclude with three months of Sunday classes on the Great Scope according to the lamrim.