Among other extraordinary accomplishments of Maitripa College, just in past few months of Summer 2023, we invite you to rejoice with us in the following:

Creating the Conditions for Our Teacher’s Swift Return: A Weekend of Practice in Community and Teachings by Khandro-la ~ June 24-26, 2023

In order to create auspicious conditions for the swift return of our teacher, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, to guide us all, Yangsi Rinpoche and the Maitripa College community, including staff and many volunteers, recently hosted a long weekend of practice and teachings in Portland, Oregon, anchored around the auspicious visit of Khandrola. Hundreds of people joined us in person and online to learn and practice together, and shared in community meals, conversation, and practice with senior teachers. >Please click here for details and photo gallery.

Maitripa College Working with the Tibetan Association’s Children’s Camp

This year at the request of the Education Director of the Tibetan Association in Portland, Maitripa is supporting the Tibetan Summer Camp with some curriculum pieces involving meditation and helping children access, develop, and integrate qualities of mind. Our curriculum right now (focuses) focuses on meditations on: Empathy & Friendship, Managing Big Emotions, Interdependence & Wisdom, and Compassion & Love, all in service to Developing a Good Heart. Maitripa students and alumni are being trained in how to guide young people in this curriculum, as well as being trained in how to best support their learning. An important part of this work is establishing and deepening our connection with the Tibetan community, and, in the long run, supporting them to become guides within their own community. This is lovely and joyful work, and we are so happy to be able to strengthen our connection with this community, as our debt to them is truly immeasurable.

Leadership Training

Especially after the challenges of the past semester, and  with the intention to support the development of some knowledge of things that we feel are crucial to the incredible work people in service to Buddhist communities do or aspire to do at Maitripa in particular, some Maitripa College senior teachers have put together a brief pilot “Leadership Training” for a small group of people already leading things (or aspiring to) at Maitripa. Some of the topics we hope to cover are: personal emotional and social competency, self-regulation, the Inner Job Description, basic conflict resolution, understanding bases of power and influence throughout an organization, leadership styles, basic ritual support, FPMT, and pedagogy.

Fall 2023 and Beyond

2023 thus far has been a year of extraordinary growth for Maitripa College, as well as a year of challenges, loss, and significant financial impact. We are currently in a period of re-calibrating the college and our offerings within a new paradigm of leadership (without the direct guidance of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the gentle constancy of Dr. Bill Magee).

We intend to continue to co-create Maitripa College as a place unlike any other, where we live the kindness, joy, and generosity that are the best parts of a community through everything we do: be it graduate degree programs in Buddhist Studies, a community teaching on meditation, or a curriculum for children.

At this time, we ask for your involvement and support. Since Spring term, we have suffered a shortfall of anticipated income of approximately $40,000. Happily, nearly $8,0000 of this was made up over the events of the summer, But at this time, we are asking for help to cover the remaining $32,000.  Please give now, to let us know that you support us and wish to be involved.