Service is one of the three pillars of an education at Maitripa College and there are many ways for you to work toward making service your spiritual practice. You are invited to join our team of volunteers in our Volunteer Program – Compassion in Action –  and to offer your financial support through direct donations and donations at public events and teachings. Your participation in regular community practice and weekly meditation supports the community as well as your own spiritual path.

Engage With the Maitripa College Community


Become a part of the Maitripa College Compassion in Action Corp. Explore the many ways you can work toward making service your spiritual practice!


Support Maitripa College as we endeavor to develop a fully-accredited Buddhist university and a thriving community that offers Buddhist programs, practices, and tools for everyone!


Support your spiritual path and those of the community by attending our Thursday Evening Meditation Drop-In Class, Sunday Morning Teaching, and special events throughout the year.