Rachel received a BA in Religious Studies and Anthropology at Amherst College, USA in 1988 and spent many years as a Middle School “Language Arts and Social Studies” teacher.

She completed the MA in Buddhist Studies at Maitripa College, Oregon USA in 2009 and has continued her studies at Maitripa in the Tibetan Translation Seminars and Vajrayana Certificate Program. She also participated in the 100 million Mani retreat with Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Mongolia in August 2013.

She is a qualified teacher of the FPMT’s Discovering Buddhism program and occasionally takes on extra service opportunities such assisting with projects for the FPMT’s Education Department and Maitripa’s Community Service Center. Throughout this, Rachel has juggled study, practice, service, and teaching with family life, and she has one teenage daughter.

(source:  http://tushita.info/programs/teachers/)