Anita Bermont teaches Insight Dialogue and leads practice groups in both online and in-person offerings. When she first encountered Insight Dialogue in the mid-90’s, the practice spoke strongly to her tentative heart and was experienced as a source of great relief to the pervasiveness of relational suffering. 

As the years have gone by, her commitment to Insight Dialogue has been strengthened and enhanced by her ongoing commitment to the Buddhist path, earning a Masters in Buddhist Studies from Maitripa College in Portland, Oregon in 2015.  She is a member of the Insight Dialogue Community’s governing body, the Guiding Sangha, and is the coordinator of the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community.  

She currently hosts an in-person Insight Dialogue practice group in Portland, OR, and is a frequent guest meditation guide at Maitripa College.  She is currently engaged in curriculum development for a pilot project that will use Insight Dialogue as a platform in which to explore racial justice issues and the realities of white privilege.  Her other passions include cooking for family and friends, taking long urban walks and anything to do with beads and fiber!  

More About Anita and Her Earlier Experience at Maitripa College (MA 2015)

Anita is a small-business owner, member of the Insight Dialogue Community, and a grandmother. She explains her motivation to attend Maitripa College like this:

At some point it became clear that I needed to reevaluate the direction of my life and my relationship to livelihood. With that came a strong pull to devote more and more of my time to dharma-related work and connection with people doing the same. At the same time, I had a strong desire for higher education. When I found out about Maitripa and saw that I could acquire a graduate degree in Buddhist Studies, as well as fulfill my spiritual aspirations, it all just made perfect sense.