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-Tibetan Dictionaries and Translation

THL Translation Tool Fabulous online tool lets you enter single words or long passages of Tibetan in Wylie and returns dictionary entries for words and phrases from multiple dictionaries.


Nithartha International & the Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English Dictionary:


–Gateways to Tibetan Studies

The Tibetan and Himalayan Library (formerly Tibet and Himalayan Digital Library):

Massive open source and collaborative research collection of many topics and medias. There is so much here it takes some time to learn the organizational structure of the site, but well worth exploring. See the overviews and First Time Users sections, and install the recommended “prepare your computer” package to get Tibetan font on your computer, and see Tibetan displays properly.

Buddhist Scholars Information Network: (You can subscribe to this listserv to your individual email address or search past posts online). The Buddhist Scholars Information Network (H-Buddhism) serves as a medium for the exchange of information regarding academic resources, new research projects, scholarly publications, university job listings, and so forth, for specialists in Buddhist Studies who are currently affiliated with academic institutions. It is not a list intended for general discussions of issues regarding Buddhism as a religion, philosophy, practice, or lifestyle (there is a wide variety of lists on the Internet that already serve this purpose), nor a list where non-specialists may pose queries. People who are not specialists in Buddhist Studies can access messages from H-Buddhism through this web site, but they can neither subscribe nor post their own messages. You can also go to the H-Net Discussions Home page see and search academic discussion lists in other fields. For example, entering “Tibet” in the search box will show you posts containing the word “Tibet” from H-Asia, H-History, etc. lists. This is a good tool for seeing what topics academics are discussing online, in the form of queries to each other, book reviews, conferences, and special seminars, etc.


Tibetan Buddhist Pathfinder is hosted from Naropa College:

Digital Himalaya houses multimedia anthropological information about the Himalayas.

The Buddhist and Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library (, part of the Asian Studies World-Wide Web Virtual Library maintained by Matthew Ciolek at the Australian National University, is a comprehensive pathfinder on Tibetan studies. Buddhist Studies Virtual Library link on the MC Library homepage takes you to a search page and listing for several “Virtual Libraries” including various Buddhist Studies (Pure Land, Zen, Theravada, Textual studies, Journals, Bibliographies, etc.) and Tibet Virtual Library sites.


–Tibetan Literature Projects

The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center is an incredible bibliographic database and library of scanned Tibetan texts for scholars and lineage holders. Increasingly searchable by works, terms, topics, persons, etc. Founded by Gene Smith.

Nithartha is a project to preserve and digitize Tibetan texts, including the traditional Tibetan books known as pechas. Their website has a list of texts as well as an online English-Tibetan dictionary, a Tibetan calendar, and Tibetan word processing software. Downloadable Tibetan fonts and software.

The Asian Classics Input Project (ACIP) has free downloads of texts in Tibetan and English. Downloadable Tibetan fonts and software.

Lotsawa House has full texts of translations of Tibetan texts and downloadable PDFs of the Tibetan versions.


–Tibetan Buddhist Art and Visual Culture

Himalayan Art Resources is an online educational resource with over 35,000 images from some of the best collections in the world, organized by historical time period, schools, lineage, figures, places, themes, etc. with curatorial information.

Asian Arts has a database of articles, including many on Tibetan Buddhist art, and lists of galleries, associations, and exhibitions.

The Tibet Album: British Photography in Tibet 1920-1950. Over 6000 historical photographs of people, places, daily life, and British expeditions, held by the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.


–The Dalai Lama


The Dalai Lama:

The Dalai Lama works with the Mind and Life Institute to study Buddhist meditation from a scientific point of view.

Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition – Online Learning Center, Store, Mandala magazine, Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive, charitable projects and information about teachers.


–Cultural Institutions and Libraries

Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library, a project of the Trace Foundation, contains information about present day Tibetans with a focus on China.

The Trace Foundation promotes the cultural continuity and sustainable development of Tibetan communities within China. Downloadable Tibetan fonts and software.


–Online Journals

The Journal of Buddhist Ethics ( is a peer reviewed online journal with many articles by Tibetan Buddhist scholars.

The Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies is another peer reviewed journal that is part of the THDL.

–Audiovisual Materials

The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition has live radio broadcasts as well as recordings of talks by the Dalai Lama and others to download.

Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio has recordings of talks, prayers, and chants.


–Academic Associations and Conferences

Academic associations sponsor conferences, journals, and sometimes listservs, discussion forums, job postings and other resources. Members are usually university professors and students enrolled in MA and PhD graduate programs.

International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism –

International Association of Tibetan Studies –

International Association of Buddhist Studies –

American Academy of Religion –

American Philosophical Association –