“After you have trained in this way in the paths common to both sūtra and mantra, you must undoubtedly enter the mantra path because it is very much more precious than any other practice and it quickly brings the two collections to completion.”

–Tsong-kha-pa, Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, pp 363-64.



Continuum; mental continuum; life continuum; tantra (Hopkins)
(1) An everlasting stream of continuity. On the causal level, the mental continuum, with its various aspects of Buddha-nature. On the pathway level, the continuity of practices involving Buddha-figures. On the resultant level, the continuity of the various corpuses or bodies of a Buddha.
(2) The texts that discuss the above topics. (Berzin Definitions)

rdo rje theg pa

Vajra Vehicle (Hopkins)
Vajrayana. The Diamond-strong Vehicle of Mind, within Mahayana, that makes use of the tantra methods. Synonymous with “Mantrayana” and “Tantrayana.” (Berzin Definitions)


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Binding of the Wheels
‘khor lo bde mchog 

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spyan ras gzigs

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Tantra of the Secret Society
gsang ’dus rtsa rgyud

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Wheel of Time
dus kyi ‘khor lo

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The Guru Puja
bla ma mchod pa’i cho ga
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thun drug bla ma’i rnal ‘byor

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