The mission of Maitripa College to become an accredited Buddhist college in the West includes the continual development of a research library with a comprehensive collection of scholarly works in a variety of formats, languages, and disciplines, as well as the evolving scholarly digital and technological resources to serve library patrons. The goal of the Library at Maitripa College is to develop a lending and research facility that will meet the highest standards of print and digital collections and information resources for the use of our students, faculty, and local community for many years to come. Patrons already utilize library and information resources on a weekly basis, to borrow from the print collection for academic and personal interests, to conduct collaborative research, utilize study space, and obtain reference librarian assistance. The James A. Blumenthal Library can become much more, as the hub of our educational programs.

How You Can Support the Library

We welcome your support in fulfilling the mission of Maitripa College, including the vision for the James A. Blumenthal Library. Read about our current need and priorities below – and to make a secure online donation now in any amount of your choosing, please click on the button with our deepest thanks!


Community Membership Program

We are pleased to extend access to our incredible collections and services for community members who are not currently enrolled students. Become a member for $35 and receive borrowing privileges and access to research and information services for one year. For more information, to apply, or to renew your Membership, please click here.


The Library welcomes volunteers to provide invaluable services in supporting patrons, reshelving books, assisting the Librarian with ongoing projects, and creating a warm and helpful space for exploring interests, conducting research, and collaborative learning. Training is provided. Please contact or

Wish List

Support the print collection acquisition plan and meet the evolving needs of our educational programs in Buddhist Studies and related fields by donating books listed on our Alibris Wishlist (click here).

JABL Strategic Plan

The James A. Blumenthal Library strategic plan anticipates short-term and long-term development in many essential areas. Current priorities include:

Academic & Information Resources

Students require training in academic resources including use of library services and research tools, academic writing, and western academic scholarly conventions in the field of Buddhist Studies. The library is also poised to become a support for faculty and instructor professional development, classroom support, and planning and assessment of curricula.

Professional Librarian

As we grow, management of collections, patrons, circulation and information services, and expanding opportunities for relationships with other institutions and online services, require expertise and time from dedicated support staff.

Print & Digital Acquisition Plans

Students and faculty deserve continual acquisitions in support of the courses and curricula Maitripa offers, particularly in areas with increasing relevance to Buddhist Studies. As journals and interdisciplinary connections emerge relevant to Buddhist Studies, and applications of Buddhist practice in our world multiply, so to do our acquisition plans, to ensure breadth and depth in Buddhist and area studies.

Digital holdings are increasingly becoming a necessity for students, and we are eager to offer digital books and more comprehensive online journal subscriptions to meet the needs of our growing programs.

Your contribution goes directly to our growing Library Fund, supporting the Library’s mission of becoming a world-class Buddhist Studies Research Library. We welcome you to come and enjoy this great resource of Buddhist learning and support its important development.

The strategic plans and development priorities of the library are informed by student, faculty, and patron surveys, academic consultants, and our librarian advisors. We are pleased to provide more information upon request, to  

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