(41) “In short, whatever appears—whether your own mind or something else—should not be taken to be real; you should ascertain its mode of being and always maintain that awareness. Knowing this, subsume all phenomena of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa into a single nature.” –Lobzang Chökyi Gyaltsen, “Lamp So Bright,” in Roger Jackson, Mind Seeing Mind, Wisdom, 2021 (pp 529-30)

JABL Subject Headings

Geluk Mahamudra Lineage Prayer

“Praises and Supplication to the Gelukpa Mahamudra Lineage.” Kurukulla Center for Buddhist Studies. kurukulla.org


phyag rgya chen po

The Great Seal. The great seal of emptiness; an exalted meditation on the nature of mind, particularly associated with the Kagyud order of Tibetan Buddhism. (Tsepak Rigdzin)

Geluk Mahamudra Lineage Prayer

“Praises and Supplication to the Gelukpa Mahamudra Lineage.” Kurukulla Center for Buddhist Studies. kurukulla.org

Panchen Lama Lobzang Chökyi Gyeltsen

Lobzang Chökyi Gyaltsen
blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan
b.1570 – d.1662

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Root Text and Autocommentary 

Lamp So Bright: An Extensive Explanation of the Mahāmudrā Root-Text of the Teaching Tradition of the Precious Geden Oral Transmission
Paṇchen Lobzang Chökyi Gyaltsen 
Dge-ldan bkaʼ brgyud rin po cheʼi bka’ srol phyag rgya chen po’i rtsa rgyas par bshad pa yang gsal sgron me

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Media and Other Resources

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