“All forms of Buddhism can welcome historical study as relevant and useful. Buddhist teachings have always told us that impermanence is a great, unalterable fact of our experience and that it is crucial for us to become comfortable with that fact. History is simply the study of how things change and develop, which is to say that history studies changing institutions and ideas. History studies impermanence, including the impermanent characteristic of Buddhist institutions, practices, philosophical systems, and sacred narratives.” –Rita Gross, ‘Why We Need to Know Our Buddhist History’ (Lion’s Roar)

General Buddhism

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Chos ‘byung (ཆོས་འབྱུང་)

Chos ‘byung: religious history, Dharma history; book on the history, origin of religion; ‘source of dharmas’, double triangles, double triangle design (Rangjung Yeshe); source of phenomena (Hopkins)

Buton Rinchen Drub (1290-1364)
bu ston rin chen grub

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Tāranātha (1575-1634)
tA ra nA tha

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History of Buddhism in Tibet

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Primary Tibetan Sources

Ornament of the Middle Way
dbu ma rgyan gyi tshig le’ur byas pa
Śāntarakṣita (705-762)

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Distinguishing the Views
lta ba’i shan ’byed theg mchog gnad kyi zla zer
Gorampa Sonam Senge (1429–1489)

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Emptiness in the Prasangika System
 Jamyang Shepe Dorje Ngawang Tsondrü (c. 1648–1722)

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Key Figures in Tibet

Gendun Chompel or Gendün Chöphel (1903–1951)
dge ‘dun chos ‘phel

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Dölpopa Shérap Gyeltsen (1292–1361), known simply as Dölpopa
dol po pa shes rab rgyal mtshan

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Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyeltsen (1182-1251)
sa skya paṇḍita kun dga’ rgyal mtshan

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History of Buddhism in India

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Primary Indian Sources

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Key Figures in India

Nāgārjuna (active 2nd century) 
ཀླུ་སྒྲུབ་ klu sgrub

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Candrakīrti (c.570-650)
ཟླ་བ་གྲགས་པ་ zla ba grags pa

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