“Because your mind moves like a river, it does not rest without the foundation of meditative serenity; a mind that is not in meditative equipoise cannot understand reality just as it is. Also, the Bhagavan says, ‘With meditative equipoise, you know reality just as it is.’” — Kamalaśīla, First Stages of Meditation, The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (v3, p21)


zhi gnas

Calm abiding; calming down; quietude; appeasing; serenity (UMA Tibet Dictionary)

JABL Subject Headings

Calm Abiding in Tibetan Buddhism

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Indian Sources

Stages of Meditation (Kamalaśīla)
bsgom pa’i rim pa
Tibetan: initial, middling, final

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Media and Other Resources

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