The Classical Tibetan Language collection of the James A. Blumenthal Library (JABL) at Maitripa College consists of bound, recently published Tibetan books and unbound texts (dpe cha, དཔེ་ཆ), or pecha. Much of this collection is yet to be cataloged. Housed on the first floor of Maitripa College, the Tibetan and Sanskrit collection is available to all students of Classical Tibetan, and students interested in reading texts and commentaries in their original language. Some of the online resources here are developed to support students who are enrolled (or have been enrolled) in Tibetan language courses at Maitripa College.  All Maitripa College students may access these online resources, exercises, and gloassaries with pronunciation sound files. Non-students may follow the links to request access. Enjoy!

The Tibetan language collection of the library is housed in a dedicated resource center area, providing a private, quiet space for students and visiting scholars.

Classical Tibetan, Text, and
Translation Subject Guide


  • The JABL curriculum-based subject guides provide additional reading, a framework, and source materials for topics and courses in the current Maitripa College curriculum.
  • The Tibetan language section of the subject guides include a vast collection of curated links to dictionaries, grammars, texts, translation resources, Tibetan language programs, and more.

Maitripa College
Translation Seminar Works


  • Translations by TIB301: Tibetan Translation Seminar
  • TIB301 2008-current
  • Coming soon~

Maitripa College
Tibetan Class Exercises


  • Short glossaries of terms, with definitions, phonetics, and audio recordings of Yangsi Rinpoche pronouncing each term
  • Login access required; follow the link below

Classical Tibetan
Language Teaching Tools


  • Recordings of Yangsi Rinpoche pronouncing the alphabet, suffixes, prefixes, superscribed letters, and subscribed letters
  • Login access required; follow the link below