Review of Student’s Records

Maitripa College students may inspect or review their educational records after submitting a written request to the administrative office.

Change of Student Records

Students may request amendments of the records if these are proven to be inaccurate except in the following instances relevant to Maitripa College:

  • Records related exclusively to the student in their capacity as an employee
  • Confidential letters of recommendation and confidential statements of recommendation that were placed in the educational records of the student after January 1, 1975, in regards to admission to an educational institution or an application for employment provided that the student has waived rights to inspect and review letters and statements of recommendation

Permanence, Duplication, and Disposal of Student Records

Individual student records are maintained for the minimum period of time required to serve the function of the Registrar’s Office. When appropriate, the Registrar shall dispose of the records in a manner that ensures confidentiality. The permanent records of a Maitripa College student, primarily transcript reports, are only maintained due to the long-term value to the student or institution. Duplication of student records is minimized. Any duplicate permanent records are destroyed in accordance with the Guide for Retention and Disposal of Student Records available in the Registrar’s office.