Safety and emergency procedures are posted in the Maitripa building according to the rules and regulations established by the fire departments and other governmental agencies in the state of Oregon. Compliance with these procedures and regulations will be strictly enforced.

It is important that all students, staff, and faculty maintain their Emergency Contact information in Populi for use in the event of an emergency, crisis, or significant disruption. In case of a personal emergency, the designated contact or contacts will be advised by the school on the situation at hand. In case of a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, the student, staff, or faculty will be moved by ambulance service or taken to the nearest hospital for immediate attention.

Maitripa College encourages you to report suspected crimes and emergencies as promptly and accurately as possible. In case of emergency at any time, night or day, call 911.  If you call 911 from your cell phone, remember to provide your location.

In case of a large-scale emergency, if you wish to be kept informed of urgent safety alerts by the City of Portland, you can sign up for Public Alerts by registering at Maitripa College urges all students, faculty, administration, and community members to do this.

Also, please be aware of the closest “BEECN” (Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node) to your location; this is a place to go after a major earthquake if phone service is down to report damage and ask for help. The closest BEECN to Maitripa College is in Brooklyn Park, at SE Haig St and SE Milwaukee St. Visit for more information.

For recent and detailed information on earthquake awareness and survival, please see

And remember, in case you are indoors during an earthquake, the simple steps are Duck, Cover, and Hold!