We are now accepting applications for Summer courses and the Fall 2024 Degree Program. Please follow the links below to your application. Eager to begin taking classes at Maitripa College? Consider enrolling as a Continuing Education student for the Spring 2024 term. Follow the link below for Continuing Education applications. Continuing Education/Auditing applications are accepted on a rolling basis up to the first day of each term. 

Applications for Summer 2024

Please use the following application to apply for summer 2024 admissions

More information on the 2024 Summer course schedule:

Important Admissions Dates for Summer 2024:

  • 02/01/2024 Summer 2024 Applications Available 
  • 03/01/2024: Application deadline for the Mahamudra Retreat 
  • 03/15/2024: Mahamudra Retreat Decisions Announced
  • 04/01/2024: 50% Deposits due for Mahamudra Retreat
  • 05/01/2024: Balance due for Mahamudra Retreat
  • 06/15/2024: Last day to submit applications for Classical Tibetan Language Summer Intensive

Applications for Introduction to Contemplative Education and Introduction to Buddhist Chaplaincy are accepted up to the first day of class.

Applications for Fall 2024

Please use the following application to apply for Fall 2024 admissions

CS008 Independent Study in Community Service (for current Degree Program students only)

Important Admissions Dates for Fall 2024:

  • 11/01/2023: Degree Program Admissions Opens
  • 02/15/2024: Priority Application Deadline
  • 03/15/2024: Priority Application Decisions
  • 04/01/2024: Recommended International Student Application
  • 06/15/2024: Last Day to Submit Degree Program Applications
  • 06/15/2024: Last Day to Submit Scholarship Applications