Students may propose Independent Study course to Maitripa College faculty and the Director of Academic Programs. Proposal forms are available from the Registrar. Students can expect review of proposals to consider hours per term of total student effort, instructional contact hours, rigor of learning objectives and assessment tools, and student produced learning artifacts and evaluation criteria, in determining the number of credit hours which may be earned as well as the availability of faculty for instruction and/or supervision.

CS008 Independent Study in Community Service (1-2 credits)

The Independent Study in Community Service is created and supervised by Maitripa College Faculty. They are of two types: instructional and oversight.

  1. Oversight by Maitripa College faculty. Student proposes to participate in an external course or learning activity of scholarly merit with relevance to degree curricula, the learning objectives of which are reviewed, supplemented, and assessed by College faculty. Tuition is charged at a flat fee of $100/per credit; ineligible for scholarship funding.
  2. Instructional Independent Study with Faculty Member. Student(s) propose to study a topic with a faculty member who has expertise in the field and/or capacity to instruct, mentor, and support the pedagogical needs of a student seeking credit for curricula-relevant work for which there is no catalog offering. Tuition is charged at the standard tuition rate per credit.