Transfer of Credit to Other Schools

Transfer of credit is always at the discretion of the receiving school, generally depends on comparability of curricula, and may depend on comparability of accreditation.

Transfer of Credit within Programs at Maitripa College

Credits accumulated at Maitripa Collage for a particular degree program may be transferred to another degree program if the student is in compliance with the policies relating to and has completed the formal process for degree program change (see applicable section in this handbook). To complete this process, students must submit the Internal Transfer of Credit form, available from the administrative office.

Transfer of Credit from Other Schools

Courses from other accredited or HECC-approved colleges, universities, or educational programs may be counted for credit at Maitripa College under certain circumstances and when meeting College criteria. The below policy outlines the maximum transfer credits that may be applied towards a Maitripa College degree, and the general considerations for assessing course equivalency or elective course credit. The Academic Program Director receives requests for transfer credit, and may review transcripts, course descriptions, and course syllabi in a case by case assessment of appropriate awarding of credit according to the below guidelines.

Language courses and/or training in Tibetan language instruction received elsewhere may be accepted for up to one year of credit at Maitripa College provided it was received at an accredited institution, and pending instructor approval. Students may also test out of a language requirement or prerequisite at the discretion of the course instructor. Students may also test into an intermediate or advanced placement language courses.

Students wishing to be awarded transfer credit for academic work completed at the graduate level before admissions or after matriculation must submit a Transfer Credit Authorization form to the Director of Programs for review. There may be an administrative fee for review of Transfer Credit Authorization form. The Director of Programs or Dean will make a determination whether courses are relevant to the curriculum of study, meet general graduation requirements, count towards specific degree requirements, or may be equivalent to Maitripa College courses. This determination will be based upon the criteria outlined below and review of materials such as transcripts, syllabi, and course descriptions.

Maitripa College graduate students may accrue a maximum total of 25% of the credit required towards the degree (18 credits in the MDiv, 11 credits in the MA). No transfer credit will be awarded in the final year of coursework; degree requirements at this culminating stage of must be completed residentially. The maximum credit total for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) completed at an ACPE accredited program is 1 unit, which will transfer as six credits.

Maitripa College transfer credit process includes student petition and administrative review and approval that the below criteria are met. Upon review of the student’s petition for transfer credit, the administration is satisfied that:

  1. The course was/is offered by an accredited university, and is at corresponding degree level, or otherwise approved by the HECC
  2. The course was/is equivalent to courses in the student’s degree curricula and the total number of hours of student effort may be calculated according to OAR definitions of credit hours for a semester
  3. The area of course focus was/is pertinent to the degree and closely aligned with the student’s professional and academic interests,
  4. Those interests could not be met under supervision of Maitripa faculty or through coursework on campus
  5. If the proposed transfer credit is for a course that requires community service, volunteer service hours and mentorship was or will be secured at a suitable and enriching community organization with mentorship or supervision
  6. Maitripa College is able to provide faculty oversight in reviewing the student’s final papers and coursework produced, liaison with mentors or instructors as needed, and/or grant administrative oversight to manage transcripts, student assessment, etc.
  7. The grade earned must be in accordance with Maitripa College grade policies and OARs (C or above) to receive credit towards the degree