After classes begin for a term, a student who drops a course before the end of the add/drop period will receive a full refund. After the end of the add/drop period, a student is eligible for a partial refund through the middle week of the term. Refunds shall be based on unused instructional time and shall be prorated as stated below. Refund rates shall not be differentiated on the criteria of a student’s source of income or loan repayment obligations except as otherwise required by law. In calculating a refund, we will take into account the terms of a student’s tuition scholarship, if any has been awarded.

Week class(es) dropped | Amount of Refund

Week 1-2 | 100% of tuition refunded

Week 3 | 81.25% of tuition refunded

Week 4 | 75%

Week 5 | 68.75% of tuition refunded

Week 6 | 62.5% of tuition refunded

Week 7 | 56.25 of tuition refunded

Week 8 | 50% of tuition refunded

No refund will be issued after the 8th week of the semester