Examinations will be given in all courses in a form to be determined by the course instructor.

Grading System

All grades are to be submitted no later than one week after the final examination has been given for classes, or after the last official meeting of the class. Grade point averages are determined from letter grades as follows:

A        4.0 A-       3.7 B+      3.3 B        3.0 B-       2.7 C+      2.3
C        2.0 C-       1.7 D+      1.3 D        1.0 D-       0.7 F         0.0

Grade of Incomplete

Grades of incomplete (“I”) may be given at the discretion of the instructor, provided the work for the course will be completed by the student within an agreed-upon amount of time, in accordance with Maitripa policy, and within the limitations period on grade changes. An “I” may be entered in place of a regular grade. If the “I” is not replaced within a year from the date of the end of the last class, it will transform into a permanent “F.” Petition forms for extension of an incomplete can be obtained from the administrative office. Contact the Director of Student Services for details on such a petition.

Grade Changes

Grades may be changed at the discretion of the course instructor, for due cause, up to one year after the course has completed. After this time grades are permanent and cannot be changed.

Appealing a Grade

Students may appeal a grade only when they can document one or more of the following:

·  An error in grade calculation
·  Failure of the instructor to clearly notify students of the grading criteria
·  Assignment of a grade based on reasons other than the announced criteria and standards
·  Assignment of a grade based on factors other than student achievement, e.g., personal bias
·  Inconsistent or inequitably applied standards for evaluation of student academic performance

If the student believes that the grade received is based upon unlawful discrimination, or sexual harassment, as defined in these policies and procedures, the student should proceed under the procedures in this handbook related to grievances and sanctions.

Once a student believes he or she has grounds for appealing a grade issued by an instructor the following procedures should be initiated: The student must submit a written appeal to the Director of Programs within 30 days of the end date of the course. The student will be required to provide documentation proving the occurrence of one or more of the above criteria.

Within 45 days of the end date of the course, the student must provide clear documentation that demonstrates the occurrence of one or more of the above-listed grounds for appeal. Documentation may be in the form of e-mail correspondence, graded assignments, proof of timely submission, etc. The student must also provide evidence of the level of achievement in support of the particular grade that the student believes he or she should have been awarded. If the evidence meets the criteria, the dean forwards the student’s written statement to the instructor for a response, which the instructor must provide within 15 days. The dean then refers all documentation to the grade appeals committee.

Grade Appeals Committee

The grade appeals committee consists of three faculty members appointed by the appropriate school dean. The grade appeals committee considers the documentation and may decide either to change or uphold the grade.

The grade appeals committee will render a final decision within thirty days of receiving the grade appeal information from the dean. This decision is forwarded to the dean who informs the student, the instructor and the administrative office of the decision in writing.