(1 credit)  People who experience connection to core values while engaged in meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices may also find that when they step back into daily life ‘off the cushion,’ they can get lost in a swirl of criticism, doubt, and confusion, and may not see how to really put those values into action regardless of who and what they encounter. This course asks us to look into our own values and actions, and aims to cultivate insights and the beneficial competencies to find and express compassion, love, and honesty regarding oneself and in relationship with others. Mindful Compassionate Dialogue is framework for these concepts and a systematic set of tools, formed by a combination of Mindfulness, Hakomi (body centered therapy), and Compassionate Communication (also known as Non Violent Communication).

This course introduces twelve Relationship Competencies, each with six specific skills. These competencies are the manifestation of compassionate relating and wise action, and arise from nine foundational practices: Attunement, Warmth, Security, Equanimity, Clarity, Concentration, Awareness, Health, and Regulation. These nine foundational practices arise from the core intention to benefit all life (or, for some, bodhicitta). The course will focus on a selection of these competencies, skills, and foundational practices in this introductory eight-week course. As we work together, we will lean into these foundational practices to support your learning and help you create thriving relationships.