(4 credits) Final mastery for the MA degree is demonstrated through one of the following options. MA students with permission to complete the Exam or Thesis will register for PHL500 (and PHL501, below, for continued residency as required.)

Passing a Final, Comprehensive Exam – The comprehensive exam is an on-campus four-hour exam covering the breadth of content of the subject matter of the MA degree. A list of potential questions from which the faculty will draw are given to the students in advance for their study and preparation. The actual exam will have twelve questions from which the student will choose eight to answer in separate essays. Students will be given the list of questions at the start of the term in which they plan to take the exam, and the PHL500 course may meet during the term for review sessions. 

Completion of a Master’s Thesis – Under special circumstances, the highly motivated and extremely committed student may petition the Maitripa College MA faculty to complete a thesis project. Students propose, frame, and present drafts of the thesis in consultation with the thesis advisor. Thesis projects must be completed within 2 semesters (1 year) of all other coursework and degree requirements at Maitripa. For further details, please see the Dean of Education or Director of Programs.

Action Research Project – Register for ARP502 and ARP504, see above.